How to Select COS, CMS or Management automation software?

When a round table conference turns to a discussion of content optimisation system (COS), content management system (CMS) or management automation software things start to be jumbled up in your mind like a puzzle with some missing pieces. The only reason behind this is the incomplete information on these where you are unable to differentiate between these three perfectly. So let us start with briefly defining these three along with the best ways to select one of these.



A brief introduction of Hub Spot COS can be concluded as the first integrated website, landing page, blog or a marketing system completely optimised for various mobile experiences and is a whole integration of all marketing channels that delivers content according to the reader’s requirement.


While choosing or hosting a website one of the core points to be kept in mind is, whether the website is updated and worthy enough to fulfil your requirements and fit the goals you have for your website. Also keeping track of the latest information and updates about numerous languages other than CSS, PHP and different coding languages helps in choosing a platform that is not very common among the software people. Therefore COS can be the right option for you because no matter the remoteness of COS is nowhere worth a comparison with their old legacy system. Though it still contains some boundaries and areas of development yet, it can be worth consideration. It can be the best option for business owners and marketing people with primary, fixed websites having a limited knowledge of web design. At the current time, the version of HubSpot COS is not a perfect option for websites of large organisations requiring a huge amount of features. However, the idea about COS can change according to any update in the system.

Also, HubSpot COS comes with a very important feature of SMART content. This is a very special sort of content that is automatically updated as per the requirement and information. Through this feature the user, experience a website I’ll step into a completely modern level. Therefore before you are about to select the content optimisation system (COS) make sure you know each detail of the system to make a wise decision.


After having knowledge of COS, knowing CMS gets easier for the reader. It is not just about having a management system that can take care of your web content yet the prime objective is to find the right CMS and making very sure it can be efficient enough. The appropriate content management through all the channels available decides your way of handling and organising various functions. Knowing about a content management system (CMS) is not just all you need. The most important focus is to make sure where and how to find the CMS you have been looking for.

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The selection of CMS is not just about the creation and deletion along with edition and organisation of content. Also, one should make very sure about the functionality of the page available for management and organisation. If you are thinking of automatically managing this stuff of your page, you should still make sure to keep a backup. Most of the content management systems (CMS) allow you with the complete authority over these functions. The next point that needs to be considered is the detailed information of the editor where you manage your data like addition and update. In the latest versions of CMs, the editor gives a cent percent authority to the owner for markup headings, links, lists, etc. however, the guidelines regarding these are missing which can get the owner in great trouble. The best CMS should have the permission of replacing the editor with a better solution to all the problems.

Of all the CMS packages, some are weak in the management of images and files. One of the major required tools along with an image consists of the editing tools including the cropping, resizing and rotating, etc. Also, management of the page involves different functions like uploading and attachments of numerous files for example PDFs, Word documents or Acrobat Reader formats.  The very common and most required feature of a website or page is the search engine. More than 50% of the users go for the search engine as soon as they enter the website. While you process the search engine, it is very important to note whether it is completely providing the latest information in quick speed, etc.

Along with these, the best CMS should provide a complete user interaction. This gives a good response to your page in the form of feedback from third parties. Moreover, user interactions are only possible through some of the very common ways like the creation of chats, comments, ratings and forums. Therefore, you should be sure if your CMS is providing you with these benefits. There are numerous other ways for user interactions, yet it should solely depend on you to choose the form of communication. It can also include newsletters, accounts or emails, etc. the more your page or site will start to modify, the more you will need to manage the number of content providers along with the complete system manager. A smart CMS will evenly divide tasks between different content providers and create juniors and seniors sort of divisions for the proofreading of content published on websites. These functionalities are complex, yet they can create an error free website.

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A worth selection content management system (CMS) will have the opportunity of reverting website to an older version in case if the new version is going through any faults. Although any owner rarely considers this option yet, it needs to be a part of the features provided by the CMS. If the selection of a content management system (CMS) is to be concluded two must have features are an obligatory discussion. A perfect CMS should have the feature of running multiple websites from one single installation. This can help you in the launch of two consecutive sites. It is a very important facility that must be provided by a worthy selection CMS. Along with this comes another must-have feature of multilingual operations. This feature is not available on the majority of websites, however; an outstanding page should have multiple languages. For this reason, it not only makes a website attractive also, but it also makes the site international and easy to use in every corner of the globe. This is a great marketing strategy, and if a CMS contains most of these features, then you should go for selecting the content management system (CMS).


Before you go for selecting marketing automation software, you should make very sure of your marketing requirements in complete detail with each key point in a much-estimated way. One should make very sure of their business and marketing fields along with the most appropriate requirements to gather details about the best available products. To select the best option for the company’s marketing, some points are to be kept in consideration.

Firstly you need to know what is the main problem is rather than hunting for solutions. If you are not going to know how to solve the problem, you will never be able to make the right choice. To avoid bad results, making a complete procedure including all the methods and processes that can help in solving the problem are to be gathered into a pile. When this part of the problem solving is done, only then you can guide someone about the requirement of your marketing automation software. In case the perfect requirements about the software are defined, the best platform can be easily accessible. Whenever marketing is discussed, the only thing to be kept in mind is the marketing funnel. It is the core of marketing and a complete plan of the marketing scheme. By a detailed description of the funnel, finding the right software gets way easier. Through this, every individual phase of the marketing procedure is known, and the main product can be easily highlighted. Only this way can one know what software is required for the marketing automation.

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Also, a must have feature needs to be a part of every software. Here this feature is the multi-tasking of the software. Rather than choosing various software’s for various tasks, an appropriate worth selecting software is the one, which can perform multi tasks through single software. Through this type of software, people will easily be connected to each other. Managing various people on individual pages gets tough unlike the advantages of working on one platform. Moreover having a single management system means having a system with same rules, languages and instructions for all workers on the page. Managing people on one platform is easy as you can have a chance of looking at all the other team members work and guide them wherever needed.

When it comes to management on one single page, make sure you do not mess around with your software by adding unwanted features just to give an attracting look. The most important point to be focused is your easiness and understanding. One should keep in mind all that glitters is not gold therefore rather than just over trafficking your site make sure to use the right strategies for marketing. Also, a complicated page can mess up with your team members. Therefore, a right strategy and application of these points can help you in buying or selecting marketing automation software through which you can easily take your plans to the desired goals.

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