FIFA 18 And the Probable Stars Might Feature on the Cover

Whenever there is a new game in the news, there is always a rise in the speculations and the rumors surrounding the game. And that is one of the most obvious things for these games have always been on the list of the most favorite ones of a huge number of gamers who is located at the different parts of the world. Talking about such games, the first one that comes to our mind is the game in the FIFA franchise with the all new FIFA 18.


Over the years, the games which have come out in the series of games from FIFA, we have seen that some changes have been brought in. With the launch of the game FIFA 18 approaching fast, there is quite understandably arise in the speculation regarding the new things which are going to come once the game comes out on the market. Alongside the technical elements of the game which are expected to come with FIFA 18, there are in-game things as well which have kept the gamers engaged over quite an extended period now.

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The players have been talking amongst each other regarding the cover star who is going to feature in the game FIFA 18. There is understandably a long list of players who might eventually become the cover star, but among those, we have picked three. Eventually what will happen is unknown for there is a long process which determines the cover star of the game FIFA 18. The polling process is the most exciting one among all the things that need to be done. But before here is a list of the probable three who will be voted to become the cover star of the game FIFA 18.

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The first and foremost name which has come up is of French international N’Golo Kante. He has played some scintillating piece of football for both the French national side as well as Chelsea (previously Leicester City). And he is one of the most probable names who might come out on top at the end of the polls.

The second name which has come up is Toni Kroos. The accuracy of the German midfielder has been unbelievable throughout the season for Real Madrid, and it would be a real let down on behalf of the developers of the game if he does not end up on the cover of the game FIFA 18.

The next name which has popped up among the fans is Dele Alli. The English midfielder seems to be the hot favorite to be the cover star of FIFA 18. In fact, there’re quite a few reports that he will be the cover star, but there is no official statement regarding that. However, it seems that Dele Alli is leading the race for the prestigious position.

These are the names which have been making rounds among the fans along with the reports that there are going to be quite a few changes in the OVR of the players as well. The Indian players are going to be benefitted a lot. Reportedly five of them including Sunil Chhetri and Gurpreet Singh Sandhu are going to have an OVR above 70 which a big achievement as far as Indian football is concerned.

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At this point, these are the things which are on the list of possibilities. For further updates regarding the game FIFA 18, keep coming back here.

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