Samsung Galaxy Note 8 might come with Dual Camera

LG might not be the sole manufacturer reaching to deliver spectacular camera quality in its next flagship. While in coming days Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is also expected to Come with Dual Camera, the South Korean manufacturer gears up to unharness a phone with the biggest ever smartphone camera sensing element, that being the LG V30 with its f/1.6 aperture lens, its rival Samsung can be preparing a heavy camera upgrade of its own.

It has been reported that the Galaxy Note 8 would arrive with a Dual camera setup on the rear — which might create it the primary major flagship Samsung smartphone to try to therefore — and yesterday, Korean news web site ETNews offered more speculation on what this might embrace.

Citing business sources, ETNews suggests that the Note eight cameras would accompany a twelve MP camera lens with dual-image component sensing element (the technical school 1st introduced with Samsung’s Galaxy S7 series) and a thirteen MP zoom lens. These would come with optical image stabilization (OIS) and support 2x optical zoom.

Optical zoom has been stoning up additional ofttimes on phones because of dual-lens technology, and it’s typically most well-liked to digital zoom because it doesn’t lose constantly quite quality once applied. Digitally zoomed pictures usually look pixelated and noisier than optically zoomed pictures — the explanations that you’ll be able to learn additional concerning during this explainer article.

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This is solely speculation for currently, and it’s not far-famed whether or not Samsung would target an entire optical zoom operate like on the iPhone seven and, or if this could be some style of “lossless” zoom just like the OnePlus five resolution, however, we tend to presume the previous (note that neither of those techniques works within the same approach because the physical zoom operate of DSLR cameras, that utilize moving parts).

Dual Camera

ETNews conjointly says that the introduction of the Dual camera lens Galaxy Note 8 setup can kick-start Samsung’s implementation of it on different devices. “[Samsung] is largely wanting to switch cameras of totality [sic] of its smartphones with Dual camera,” wrote ETnews in its report. The presence of Dual camera on the approaching Galaxy S9 appearance extremely seemingly at now.

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