Top 5 file sharing apps for Android [INFOGRAPHIC]

Over the time, we need to share files from one Android device to another. When we need to share different types of files from one device to another, “File sharing apps” come to our rescue.

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File sharing apps are those apps which connect two devices over a wifi connection and then transfer files between them. This file transfer is very quick and effortless. The main advantage of using this type of app is that they are damn quick.

Some apps like Shareit provide a speed of over 200 times that of Bluetooth. These apps also allow you to connect your phone to your PC and then transfer files between them.

All and all, these apps are extremely useful and you should definitely have at least one file sharing app on your device.

In this article, I will help you to determine which such file sharing app you should use

Best file sharing apps for Android

Best file sharing apps for Android

Summary of the infographic

Let us now summarize the content given in the infographic in a paragraph. I discussed give different apps in the infographic whom I consider as the best file sharing apps for Android. The first one of them was Shareit. Shareit is the most popular file sharing app which is used by almost everyone. It has some amazing features like it is also available for Windows PC. You can download Shareit 4.0 for Pc

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Other apps which we talked about were Xender, Zapya, Superbeam and xShare. You can read about them in the infographic itself.

I hope you liked this infographic. Do share this article and we will be posting more amazing infographics here soon.


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