Samsung Galaxy S9: The phone that you will need

Samsung Galaxy S8 was introduced to the world by saying a new form factor of the device that everyone will be attracting the world, and yes Samsung is successful in that. Now, the question is will Samsung Galaxy S9 be similar to the Galaxy S8 or even better?

Samsung Galaxy S9

Talking about the applications and features that were incorporated in the Galaxy S8, Samsung Connect is an application that allows you to manage connected home devices. Not only does it allow you to configure them from the mobile but it is also possible to create modes to send commands to several devices at once, or even create rules to execute actions automatically. Unfortunately, although in my home I have some smart devices like the security camera Netatmo Welcome or the smart thermostat Tado, it has only recognized the smart TV.  These are not very well known or very required applications, but Samsung is paying attention to the lower end also. Now, you can expect that why Samsung Galaxy S9 will be very special in every term.


The suite of Microsoft applications – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, One Drive and Skype – is the only third-party content that comes pre-installed on the Galaxy S8 +. And, it will be carry forwarded to the Samsung Galaxy S9. Microsoft Excel paid version comes free in the S8, and it should be present in the Samsung Galaxy S9 as well.

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Coming back to the present scenario, the Samsung Galaxy S8 + is not a smartphone that stands out especially in the sound aspect, especially if we compare it with terminals that incorporate double front stereo speaker – although these are scarce enough. The phone has a speaker on the bottom, so when we hold the phone horizontally we can inadvertently plug it. So, to full fill the audiophiles Samsung needs to a serious work in the Samsung Galaxy S9.


In the S8, it is just quite well because, despite the small size of the speaker, the sound power is high, although the basses lack depth, as expected. The Samsung Galaxy S8 + supports 32-bit UHQ Audio and also supports up to 32-bit PCM. In addition, it has Bluetooth Dual Audio functionality that allows you to play music on two Bluetooth devices at the same time, which can be useful if we have more than one speaker or a Bluetooth headset. However, the speakers do not necessarily sound in sync, so it is best intended for situations where the speakers are separate – for example, one in each room – or headphones are used. The need or improvement in the multimedia section of any smartphone won’t end because year we will have something more to see, so Samsung Galaxy S9 should also come with full-filled multimedia features.

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