Android smartphone is quite innovative and creative. Approximately 60-70percent mobile users are currently embracing the Operating system and this system presents tons of features compared to another system. Our android can be completely customized by us. Nowadays it’s taking place of our laptops and PCs. Let’s take a peek on Android Spy Apps.


Xnspy GPS Location Tracker

Xnspy is a location tracking app that comes with many other impressive smartphone monitoring features. The app tracks GPS location in real-time and lets you see the recent location history. What’s different is that Xnspy provides a geofencing feature that parents or employers could use to get alerts for check-ins or check-outs from specific locations.


  1. The app records data offline too, and you can access data from the app’s dashboard.
  2. You can use the watch list alerts to get information about particular locations by adding them to the list.
  3. Xnspy allows you to create virtual parameters so that you can know when that location is exited or entered.

4.       The app works silently without hindering the phone operations.

Spy Apps

Spy Camera OS

This app enables users to capture pictures secretly. This program gives a way so that people around you would not detect that you’re taking photos of them, to shoot photos. Additionally, flash etc and every sound get disabled within this application.


  1. Little and Easy program, simple to understand
  2. All picture resolution alternative
  3. Burst taken
  4. Automobile shot with delay setting
  5. Face detection automobile shot
  6. Black display (touch to catch)

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Ear Spy

That is an amazing program to capture even very low voices. In the room, you can set your cell phone with this program and may listen to the voices of the room. This program amplifies its record and records the audio and provide you the voices that are amplified.


  1. A protracted Graphic Equalizer (over 5 rings in case your telephone permits it)
  2. This great program allows to remotely control and view your own IP Camera, DVR, Network Video Recorder, traffic cameras, CCTV or even WebCam in an android device. On discovering motion you can get the telling. If it detects motion, this program can begin recording.
  3. Characteristics
  4. 1500+ apparatus supported such as NVRs and DVRs.
  5. The wide protocol supports RTSP/ONVIF/MMSH and much more.
  6. Camera group, automobile sequence, mass action.


Automatic Call Recorder

This another instance of Android Spy Apps. These programs get found whenever you create or receive any telephone. This program records also and the conversation speakers the sound of the apparatus in.


  1. Record what (default) — This setting documents all calls except for connections pre-selected to be dismissed.
  2. Ignore everything — This setting documents no forecasts except for connections pre-selected to be listed.
  3. Blow Off contacts — This setting records all of calls with individuals that are not contacts, except for contacts pre-selected to be listed.
  4. From the Pro version simply: You may set calls from specific contacts to be automatically stored, and they’ll be stored in the cloud.


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Monitor Call Sms Location

That is an another fantastic spy apps to remotely track SMS, Photo, Location, call-logs and a lot more items within an android apparatus. This may exact location of the device that is targeted via a when GPS handicapped on the target device. The program includes the trial alternative.


The program includes three times absolutely free trial and then you have to subscribe to support.

View your telephone place in TiSPY web portal site.

Can locate the place even GPS is handicapped in a device in the mobile info.


Anti Spy Mobile

I’d recorded this program in the very last and also the reason for it was since it had been an anti- spy app. You really don’t know if you’d installed any applications in your mobile, so the best approach to learn and eliminate it installed this program. This program is simply Awesome.


  1. AntiSpy Mobile utilizes innovative detection methods that will detect even brand new spyware that’s online today.
  2. Their spy shield and anti-virus app really are a must-have for each and every personal device — mobile phone or tablet computer!
  3. Shield yourself today and do not let your self be clubbed!

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