How to Enable Chat Heads on Whatsapp

Every time opening that whole window for checking the received message(s) in Whatsapp is really very irritating. Not necessary that each time whenever you open the window you get to view any important text from that special somebody. The text(s) might have come from any irritating group from which you cannot move out due to certain obligations and necessity. So, are you wondering about getting any Chat Head for your Whatsapp just like you have for your Facebook or Gmail named as Messenger and Hangouts, respectively?

Chat heads on whatsapp

Well, then your search has got the right track. In here, I will be delegating you all about How to Enable Chat Heads on Whatsapp and make chatting smarter. Well, if you surf the internet you will get many results answering your question. Here too my try had been to respond you explicitly. So, in here I have framed up a brief study on the must have heard application named WhatsBubbles. Via this app, you can enjoy messaging in a more fun and smart way. The downloading of this app can be directly from the Google Play Store. Or, you can even download and install it via the apk file. If you want more features in WhatsApp then you should download Gbwhatsapp latest version apk for Android.

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Enable Chat Heads on Whatsapp: The App Features

The app has some splendid features that really made it unique in its own way. As said already, this application acts almost same as the Messenger app for Facebook. But, still, the app has some exceptional characteristics. Scroll your eyes down for a brief and compact study of the features.

  • The bubbling messaging heads not only is applicable for one to one chat between single chat windows but in groups too.
  • You can reply to messages by simply tapping on the bubbleheads.
  • Also, you can preview the chats in a chat window by simply tapping on the bubbleheads. Thus making the chat more time efficient.
  • With bubbles on your home screen, the conversation between you and your friend becomes quick and easy. As you do not have to go back to the Whatsapp home screen for reading the received texts.
  • You can also continue the conversation with any of your friends in between any other active social networking site without moving out from there.

So, these are some of the great features that made the app getting so popular among the Whatsapp users. Now, comes the section where you will get a detailed study on how to get the app apk on your device.

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Enable Chat Heads on Whatsapp: How to Get it

To experience this amazing facility for your Whatsapp conversation you can directly download the app from Google Play Store. But, as you know, not necessary that your Android has the access to the Play Store. So for users like you, it will be great to follow the below steps on getting the app apk for your Android.


  • Before initializing the download of the apk file opens the Security Settings of your device. There you will find an option named Unknown Sources. Search for it and then make it enable. This will then permit receiving files from any sources, whether known or unknown.
  • Once you are done with the changes, ask Google for searching results on WhatsBubbles apk download. Form the list of search results tap any from the above and initialize the downloading of the app apk.
  • Wait patiently once your device starts the downloading of the apk file. This will for sure take few minutes as the whole process depends upon the speed of the internet connection.
  • As soon as the downloading gets completed you receive a notification. Tap open the notification and then again tap open the downloaded apk file. You need to install the apk file. But before that, you have to make your device compatible to run smoothly with the app’s terms and conditions.
  • So, agree with all the terms and conditions appeared and then tap on the icon saying Install. This will then start the installation of the apk file on your device.
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The installation part will again take few seconds. So, wait patiently until you receive the notification saying the installation has been completed. Once it is done your device and your Whatsapp are both ready to use the app for enjoying chat head facility. This is all about your query on How to Enable Chat Heads on Whatsapp. So here in this article, you have such an amazing direct option then why to cancel the option? Have it as quickly as possible to manage socializing in a funnier and hassle-free manner.

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