Why Mini Militia Most Popular Multiplayer Game?

Playing a multiplayer game online with friends or unknown people have now become a lifestyle chore for many gamers around the world. With the introduction of epic games like Counter-Strike, COD etc. in the pc gaming the gaming world has become very competitive in recent times and many gaming companies want to lure customers by making an action-oriented multiplayer game with great zeal. However, the multiplayer gaming has not yet become successful in the mobile platform as most people think they can’t get the same gaming experience in the mobile as they get in pc. But with the launch of Doddle Army: Mini Militia this myth has been broken and a new era of mobile gaming has started. Also, Do check out the Mini Militia God Mod to get an upper hand over your friends in-game.

Mini Militia

What is Mini Militia?

Mini Militia is an action-packed war game launched on Android and iPhone platform which you can play offline with story mode or with your friends or unknown gamers around the world. Originally launched on April 5, 2011, for iPhone this game gained popularity in early 2016 after its launch for android games on March 18, 2015, and it is still ruling the mobile multiplayer gaming followed by games like Clash of Clan and Guns of Boom. It is a free 2D game launched by Appsomniacs LLC Action. Want to increase your Productivity while working? Here is a list of top productivity apps.

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How to play Mini Militia?

Mini-Militia comes with great controls which you can modify according to your need. By default, there are many circles seen on both the sides of user screen which have their own purpose. The left circle controls the booster with which you can fly while the right circle controls the direction of your gun which when pressed fires your weapon. There are also different buttons which can be used for throwing grenades as well as change the weapons.

In the beginning of this game, you will be provided a Sergeant which will teach you the basics of the games like controls, about weapons and enemies and after that you can play story mode as well as with your friends on local Wi-Fi or multiplayer’s around the world on the Internet.

How to play Mini Militia with friends on local Wi-Fi?

Here are the steps with which you can play with your friends everywhere. To do so you will have to host a server on this game. You can do this by clicking on Host on the game’s home screen. There you can put the room name as you desire and off you go. Then you can tell your friends to choose Multiplayer>>Custom>>Server which was selected by you>>your room name on their user screen. You can also put password on

If you want to play the multiplayer game with world’s player you can just visit Multiplayer>Custom and then select the server with which you want to join.


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  • Open world maps to go anywhere you can want
  • Variety of high-quality weapons to choose from including Bazookas, Shields, and Flamethrowers too.
  • Can play with friends on LAN as well as Bluetooth.
  • System requirement is very less which means you can play it flawlessly even on low-end devices having RAM as low as half a GB.

Multiplayer gaming supports with which you can play with players around the world you

  • can make your own clan in Google+ and play against other clans
  • Power-ups and health packs to survive longer in the game



  • Boring or almost no story in offline mode
  • Lots of hacks available online that spoil the gaming experience
  • Many features locked that requires spending money



With more than 80M downloads on Play Store and Apple store this game has achieved a milestone in mobile multiplayer gaming and it has inspired other companies to invest in genres like this which can make the mobile gaming more exciting in the coming future. Along with many new features getting launched in each update this game is a must play game for everyone. Also , he LAN gaming option with friends gives us one more reason to download this game right now.

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