How to Install and Activate Windows 7 on PC?

Microsoft Windows is one of the widely used OS throughout the globe. And the launch of Windows 7 it has become clear that the same will always make headlines in coming years too. Recently Windows 7 has stopped to the updated version of the series. But there are huge computer users who are still using the Windows 7 old version. Now Microsoft are focusing on Windows 10 version because it is very secured operating system now. They are getting attracted to know the uniqueness of the technology that seems to be offered by the new series of Windows.

About Windows 7 for PC

Activate windows 7

Windows 7 is the most used and popular operating system from Microsoft. It is invented for the touchscreen interface and is found to work faster regarding the booting time and installation terms too. It is one of the safest version of Windows and is said to offer handwriting and touchscreen recognition for the users. BitLocker is said to be extended to internal as well as external drives for Windows 7 and makes restoring and backup much more comfortable than before.

The operating system supports various virtual hard disks for enhanced performance of the multi-core processors and can help in overcoming the clutter in your device with the introduction of new features like Aero Peek, Snap and Aero Shake.

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How to Install and Activate Windows 7 on PC?

While installing Windows 7 for your computer, you should know how to work and activate the same on your computer or laptop. Windows 7 is available for installation on the market you can buy off for installation.

The activator kit like KMS are available in the market have all the credentials written, and you need to run the DVD on your device and here are few steps for activations of Windows 7 on your machine below:

Step 1:

Windows on installation get activated automatically, but there can be chances when you need to enable them manually. Windows activation is a kind of verification to know the copy of windows you are using is installed on your hardware only. These practices look for prevention of privacy. If you have recently upgraded your computer and couldn’t able to connect through Internet post installation. The chances are on a higher side that you need to activate the windows seven manually.

Step 2:

The software on installation attempt for detection of an active Internet connection. If there is an active connection, then another option that is available to users for selection is “Activate Windows online now.” If you do not find the same, then do check your Internet availability.

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Step 3:

For activation, a valid key of 25 characters needs to be inserted, and you can activate your copy of windows now. The product key can be found in the Window 7 disc case DVD, manual of Windows 7 or at the back of your computer’s case.

If you have opted for downloading the software online, then search for the same in your mailbox for confirmation email id. Do look for the product key as if you cannot find one than the need to purchase at times too.

Step 4:

The activation process is comprised of few moments. And once finished the window will send a confirmation message. If you want to double check your activation, then do look for system properties. For the same right click on your computer and click on properties. The bottom f the new window will display “Windows is activated.”

Note: There are many activators which can be used to activate your Windows 7 operating system. You can get the kmsauto activator from here.


These few steps will help you in knowing how you activate your Windows 7 for your computer. Do use genuine Windows 7 for installation to your computer as the same will help you in the long run for running Windows smoothly on your computer.

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