The sleazy profiles that have now begun to plague Tinder app have made a lot of us wonder whether Tinder is going the Grindr way and perhaps it is becoming a new Grindr altogether. The app seems to be taking no notice of the inappropriately graphic photos that users just keep putting up every now and then. But, it is not just about the indecent picture. It is also about the heartless behavior of the people using the app.


The ping-pong conversations are quite prevalent on the Tinder app. There are more single word replies than the proper conversations. The rejections numbers are extremely high as well. As a result, a lot of people slip into the low-self esteem zone and often fail to recover. Tinder is becoming the catastrophic dating experience for many. Grindr, the gay dating app, was (and still is) much the same. But, let’s be honest, finding gay matches is way more difficult than finding the straight ones. Yet, Tinder has become the platform where rejection are far too frequent.

Whether or not the problem is with the app we might not be able to tell with certainty; at least not yet. Is it the overall influence of the culture and the humans the new generation has evolved into? Every generation has its own set of qualities – good and bad. It is probably the time when our attention span has shrunk terribly and our definition of dating has changed completely. In this world that is moving so rapidly, time has become a luxury or rather an expensive commodity. We want quick results even when it is about relationships.

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Looks like those days of romance where holding hands and having candlelight dinners was considered the most heavenly experience. We have no more the patience to invest ourselves in the stretched courtships. Winning hearts is becoming more about the first looks than anything else.


As a result, what we see now is enhanced selfies – using some weird filters that make you look like someone from a fairy tale, cliches like wanderlust and sapiosexual, and ostentatious profiles. Everyone is looking for a hook up and being desirable is the only way to do it. And, when you read peoples profile you will find everyone saying ‘not looking for hookup’.

That’s pretty much has been the case with Grindr and the way Tinder is rapidly catching up with this makes us feel that it is going the way it should not.

What’s more concerning is that it is not just about the sexual predation. Grindr is known to be the one for racists. You will find a lot of profiles saying ‘No Asians’, ‘No Blacks’ and things like that. Of course, we all have our preferences but in the world which is already so divided, we cannot encourage more divisions by being so forthright about it.

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Tinder isn’t as popular about racial discrimination as Grindr but there are plenty of such profiles.

Many experts say that hetrosexual dating has begun to mimic the concepts of dating in the homosexual community. The hook ups have become extremely common. You might find a match on Tinder and within hours you might end up in bed with the partner. I am not sure if that’s the right thing or not, but I know that relationships are important too. Tinder has been a good platform to find matches, but it is surely turning into Grindr, even if gradually. I hope that in the time to come it will get better and not worse.

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