Top 6 Hard Disk Drives To Buy Under Rs. 6000


How many times did you get the frustrating message warning you that you are running out of space? As we are switching towards a future which is focused towards high-quality media content our need for storage space is increasing exponentially. But there is a way out of this situation. There are a huge number of external hard disk drives are now available which can totally wipe your storage woes away. Already excited? Hold your breath as we are going to reveal the top 6 hard disk drives you can buy right now for less than 6000 bucks and while you are at it do not forget to check out amazing Snapdeal offers todayto get unmatched discounts.

Below we have listed the top 6 hard disks out there right now. Do not that the ordering of the list is purely random. We have analyzed all of theses devices to their cores and we hope that after the end of the article you will be able to choose for yourself the product that is suitable to your needs and wishes.

WD My Passport Wired External Hard Disk Drive

The WD My Passport is a work of art. The first thing you will notice about these drives is their vibrant colours. You have a total 6 colours to choose from. Half of the product body has a smooth silky finish while the rest of it has a striped and curvy finish making it look really sophisticated and look premium. The device is a perfect fit for your pocket and weighs about 250 grams. You can store 100’s of apps, videos and songs it it.

The My Passport has an official storage capacity of 2 terabytes but you won’t get the full 2 TB at your disposal but only a part of it is usable. There are two options to transfer data, either a USB 2.0 port or a USB 3.0 port. The speed of transfer in each case is capped at 480 Mbps and 500 Mbps respectively. The USB 3.0 cable comes bundled in the package.

The best feature of the Passport is auto backup. The device automatically updates all your files, especially media files, from your computer at regular intervals. All you need to do is to set the interval time. The device comes with a 256-bit AES hardware encryption system which keeps your files safe from any intruders. You can also install the additional WD security software for further security enhancements. There is also an option to add a return if found feature to cover your back in case you have lost it.

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The device is compatible with all operating systems. However, it is formatted for Windows 7,8 and 10 and for other OS you will need to format it first before you can start using.

The device has a mild shock resistance capability but you should not expect a hard disk drive to perform perfectly after a big fall. So, exercising caution is recommended. You get two years domestic warranty with an option to extend it for another year.

The best deal for the WD My Passport is available on Flipkart.

Seagate Backup Plus Slim Hard Disk Drive

Seagate is one of the most recognized names in the storage device sector and the Backup Plus is an ideal example of there crafting brilliance. The Backup plus is so beautiful that I can bet you will fall in love with the design as soon as you set your eyes on it. The whole bad a matte finish and the texture feels so good in your hands. The device weighs only 159 grams with a width of only 76 mm making it one of the lightest and slimmest devices available today.

You get a 2TB storage capacity in this device. There is only one port available and it is a fast 3.0 port. The port is also capable of handing a USB 2.0 connection. However, capped at only 120 MB/s, the data transfer rate is a little disappointing.

The best thing about the Seagate Backup Plus is the integration of mobile backup. You can download the free Lyve app on your mobile and your data will be backed up automatically. The data is placed in a superbly organized library and can be accessed across devices. Using the Dashboard app, you can also download and store data from Facebook, Flicker or YouTube. You also get an automated backup in a scheduled interval.

The device does not need any reformatting when switching between Windows and Mac OS X. But for this, you will need to download the NTFS drivers on your Mac device. And apart from Android and iOS, it is compatible with even the Sony PS4.

The device does feature a shock resistance system and comes with a domestic 3-year warranty. However, the warranty does not cover physical damages.

The Seagate Backup Plus Slim is priced similarly on Flipkart and Amazon.

Sony HD-E2 External Hard Disk

The Sony HD-E2 is designed only for raw performance and hence have a very simplistic design. It is rectangular in shape and looks more like a power bank than an external hard disk. The body does have a matte finish and smooth textures. But you are only limited to a single colour variant. It is also one of the heaviest ones out there weighing as much as 350 grams.

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Once again you get 2 TB storage capacity and USB 3.0 and 2.0 connectivity. The device is seriously fast and the presence of the inbuilt EHDD data transfer accelerator software makes it even faster. In a USB 2.0 connection it can transfer data at 480 Mbps and for USB 3.0, expect it to 500 Mbps easily.

The device does not have any additional special feature. However, it is compatible with all other Sony products such as the PS4 and Sony Blu-Ray players. But unfortunately, there is no Android or iOS or even Mac OS support.

The hard disk drive does feature an AES 256-bit algorithm encryption system to keep your files safe. The device also has an auto backup feature but it is only available for Windows. The drive comes with a standard 3-year warranty that is valid worldwide.

You can buy the Sony HD-E2 from Flipkart.

Toshiba Convio Connect External Hard Disk Drive

The Toshiba Convio Connect is not exactly the most attractive one in the list but priced very cheaply At around 5,660 this device is certainly a great choice. The design is compact and with not much special features but you get to pick between various colour options. The device is only 78 mm wide and weighs about 231 grams.

The device gives you 2TB of storage space and comes with one port. The device is capable of using a 3.0 port for lighting fast data transfer rates. But if you don’t have a USB 3.0 port, the device can also operate at a lower speed using a USB 2.0 port.

The device has many special features. Using this device you are not only limited to physical storage but you also get access to cloud storage. There is also an app that duplicates your system and creates a backup automatically. The device can also be accessed remotely using the remote access app. You can also stream any data locally on any device using this hard disk drive.

The device is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X and there is no need for any additional software or reformatting when you switch between operating systems.

The device comes with a 256-bit security encryption. There is also an internal shock system and ramp loading technology for your safety. You also get a super handy restore button which lets you recover accidentally deleted files. The device comes with a 3 years limited warranty.

You can get the Toshiba Convio Connect External Hard Disk Drive from Snapdeal.

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WD Elements External Hard Disk Drive

Another brilliant hard disk drive from WD is the WD Elements. The device does not look great at first view but you understand its design brilliance when you pick it up. The device is only 2.5-inch tall and so easy to carry around. Weighing only 21 mm it is our recommendation for those who spend a lot of time on the go.

The storage capacity of this device is 2 TB. It has a fast USB 3.0 port and can reach lightning fast speeds of about 400 Mbps. There is also an option to use this device with a USB 2.0 port but the data transfer rate can dip up to as low as 70 Mbps in this configuration.

The device is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10. For using it in a Mac, you need to reformat the device and this we find very much disturbing.

The device also features inbuilt security enhancements but they are not exactly robust. The warranty is valid only for 2 years when the industry standard is 3 years.

You can buy WD Elements External Hard Disk Drive from Flipkart.

Toshiba CanvioAlumy External Hard Disk Drive

The Toshiba CanvioAlumy is an absolute beauty. The whole body is made of premium and it looks exactly as great as it sounds. The body has a silky finish and the curves are brilliantly designed and textured. All in all, you get an ultra-premium look and It is certainly the best looking hard disk drive in the list. But it is not exactly the quietest one and can be heard operating in a silent room.

The device comes with a 2 TB storage capacity and USB 3.0 enabled port. The device is also operable using USB 2.0 but expect very less data transfer rate. The average speed using this configuration varies around 90-100 Mbps.

The device features NTI backup which automatically backs up your file every now and then. However, the support of Operating systems is only limited to Windows. You can use it for your Mac OS also but that requires exhausting procedures and reformatting.

The device has a built-in shock sensor and ramp loading technology to guarantee you top-notch security. You also get a 3 year Toshiba warranty on this device.

Get this product on Flipkart.


If you have read this far, I certainly hope that you can understand the number of features you get even at this low price cap. But before you buy, be sure to check all features and choose only the ones which will come handy to you. So, don’t waste any more times and get your hands on these amazing devices before the ongoing discounts end.

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