How to make your Online Selling Website Attractive?

Nowadays due to increase use of internet, nearly everything is turning to be available online. Due to large spread of internet and due to the low cost of Smartphone, nearly every other person has a Smartphone with him. Everything is going online, at first we use to see our mails and messages use to go through mails and that was a very huge magic for us to believe. But today from shopping online, to sell and purchase a car, from buying medicines to ordering food online, nearly everything has changed to online.

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As the use of internet is increasing and the simultaneous growth in its use, completion has also increased rapidly. Now for order food online we have three to four big ventures who supply the same food with nearly different prices depending up on their personal promo codes. Due to this increase in completion, it had become very competitive for the suppliers of these online markets to maintain their positions in the market. Now what will be the necessary steps to tackle this issue?

You can take examples of many housing websites such as Kris Thorkelson Myplace, OLX houses, etc. many food chains like Foodpanda, Zomato, Swiggy, etc. and many more. Here are some of the step which a online venture can adapt to be present in the market.

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Promo codes:

Due to the increased competition, now the main aspect is to attract the customer towards you. Now you can’t tell him towards your service directly, so what is the best part? Save him some money. No matter, let it be some dollars. It matter a lot. Give your valuable customers promo codes regularly so that they never leave you no matter what. But some attractive offers on the first five orders on your venture, it’ll create a buzz around your supply chain.

Attractive User Interference:

We have observed that what looks goods, sells fast. That’s the second point on our list. Make an attractive website or the application regarding your venture which should include all of the facilities you provide your customer. Use of colour play vital role here. We have seen many such ventures using normal or boring interface which annoys us most of the times. Spend some time and money to develop an attractive application and a website like Maryanne Thorkelson did.

Quality service over Quantity:

As the demand increases there are high chances of delay and lack of customer service. This usually happens when a company is performing well, they automatically lowers their interests and their concern over the quality of service rather than just run on quantity and making customers day and night. Most of the ventures loose the race here. It is very important to satisfy our customer at any cost. Because if he goes unhappy from pour website, he speaks about our low quality service and automatically our game is been destroyed and our legs get shaken.

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That is why it is very important to make your websites and applications attractive and put a friendly user interface, so that it doesn’t become that hard for the customers to face the venture.



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