How to Get More Likes on Instagram: Ideas, Strategies & Tips

Instagram is one of the popular platforms with respect to sharing memories as well as favorite moments. On the other hand, it has become a lot more popular among budding and experienced business brands. Here you can check out some of the best ideas, tips and strategies which help you grow your brand. And also let you get more likes with Ascend Viral on your Instagram brand page.

Use hashtags with keywords

The top strategy to get Instagram Likes for Free, it is possible by using hashtags with keywords. This is a straight forward way to categorize your Instagram photos and also to let them discovered by lots of other followers and users.

Most probably, only those photos are more liked and extensively viewed which have got hashtags on them. Only use relevant and most popular hashtags. Furthermore, you can get an idea about the trending hashtags by doing a little research on them.


Apply filters to your Instagram photos

Moreover, do apply filters right on your Instagram photos. It is with the help of these editing filters and tools that your posts may get lots of views, likes and love. Before you post a photo, it is best if you edit and apply a filter on it.

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Like, you can make use of Early-bird, X-Proll or Aviary, and Valencia. They are the popular filters which instantly and immediately give a unique and impressive look to your photos. Even more, you can use these Instagram tools. Boomerang helps you create and make video loops. Superzoom feature automatically zoom in your photo while playing a dramatic and fun kind of sound.


Post the best and right photos

Posting the best and right photos, this is how you can grab a bunch of likes on your Instagram account. Irrelevant pictures are normally not liked by the followers. So, try to take interesting pictures and upload them on your account. Think of your account as your art gallery and display only the best pictures in it. Besides, high-quality pictures always get the most likes. And avoid posting three similar and same kind of photos in a row.


Write extraordinary captions

Moreover, try to write and think of crafting damn good captions for your Instagram account. If your picture has got amazing visuals, then it is also important for you to come up with an extraordinary caption. Using the best words and pictures will take your Likes to a huge range. There is no character limit when it comes to writing captions. So, remain as much impressive and creative in your words as you can! Make sure to sound less promotional in your captions and bring a little humor in them. Lastly, show love to your followers when writing a caption.

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Carry out a “like-to-win” contest

Followers run after free things! So, how about scheduling a like to win contest session? These contests organically bring more likes and followers. As an example, you can ask your followers to like your photo and win a free gift voucher or a hamper from your side. These contests connect your followers and audience with your account in a loyal way.


‘Like’ posts of others Instagram accounts

If you want to see Likes on your Instagram account, then you need to like and comment on other posts and pictures as well. And If you want to see Likes on your tiktok account, then you need to find Best place to buy TikTok views.

More you are engaged, more you are rewarded by the team of Instagram. However, your comments should not look fake and spam. Those comments and opinion should come straight from your heart. You can even become the part of specific communities which share, like and comment on each other’s posts.



So, this is all about the simple strategies and ways to get more likes on your Instagram account. Pour a little more effort in this task and you will automatically start to see that your Likes numbers are organically multiplying and amplifying. If you have an Instagram account, then share with us how many likes you normally get and what tips you follow to get more likes!

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