What is the most reliable USB flash drive?

You have an argument that USB flash drives and sticks are the best bargains in storage in the present time. The little blighters are extremely useful. While it is very convenient and comfortable to help you move data from one PC to another with cloud, it is really not amusing to do it with 8GN or with numerous files and videos. There is no other quicker way to move huge files from one drive to another other than plugging a flash drive into your device, copying the files across and then plugging it to another device and pasting it. It is simple, quicker, reliable and easy and really inexpensive to boot.

USB Flash Drive

But, is this the only reason why you need to keep your USB flash drive near you? You don’t want to use one for a complete PC backup, but they are a simple option to maintain a safe copy of significant documents, pictures and videos and keep it secure in a locked drawer. Several TVs, media boxes and car music systems come with USB port to allow USB stick to play music and videos. Hence, USB flash drives are better for enhancing your limited storage space which you get on low price laptops. Just plug in and you can add 64GB to your device in less than $2.

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But, first you need to ensure what storage capacity do you really need?

Most buyers don’t consider capacity of the USB flash drive and end up getting a smaller or bigger drive rather than what they need. If you are looking for a low capacity USB flash drive, then get a 2GB microSD card, but if you need a little extra storage, then you should get a 16GB or 32GB USB flash drive. For those who work with large videos and game files, they should actually get 128GB or 256GB UB flash drive to serve their purpose well.

Next comes the performance of the USB flash drive

Performance is measured by three factors: the NAND flash memory chip present in the drive, the interface and lastly USB mass storage controller. Usually the drive come with a normal rectangle shaped Type A connector, but the controller assist USB standards till USB 3.1. If you need a fast transfer rate USB drive, then the price will increase.

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In the present scenario, the most reliable USB flash drive depends on individual preference. If you need a Type C USB flash drive, then nothing else will suit your purpose. So, first decide on the USB flash drive need and purpose and then make your order accordingly.



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