Operation Parindey: A well planned Jail Break

Operation Parindey is an Exclusive of ZEE5 and is a ZEE5 Original thriller film based on the Most controversial jailbreaks in the history of India. The Film has been directed by Sanjay Gadhvi who rose to fame with Dhoom (2004-2006).

Source: An OTT Platform ZEE5.com
Source: An OTT Platform ZEE5.com

The story revolves around How the 6 Inmates escape from a Jail situated in Nabha, Punjab. It starts with 4-5 cars filled with Policemen going to drop off a criminal at the Nabha Jail. As soon as they enter the Jail compound, they start firing on the Jail guards and one of them frees the inmates which also Includes Monty Singh (played by Rahul Dev) who plays a major role in the film and also as a Mastermind of planning this escape and has a plan to do a Major terrorist attack in India.

Monty Singh is known as a Highly dangerous terrorist who has contacts in Islamabad, Pakistan and was previously arrested in for carrying out Bomb blasts in several regions and abducting foreign nations in order to extort money.

In this Original ZEE5 production, the film is around 55 mins long and lies somewhere between a Short film and a full length film. Also, if you’re a Movie Fan, Do check out the Cinema box app for Android and iOS

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The plot of Movie isn’t too fancy like the movies we see today in Bollywood but keeps the viewers glued to the screen by being a good one as the mystery unfolds and the next steps of the main villain are revealed.

Amit Sadh goes by the name of SP Abhinav Mathur. He plays the role of the incharge of the Special investigation for this particular case and has kept his role very simple.

Coming back to the Planning & Plotting of the Whole Jailbreak. Monty Singh uses various techniques to make this thing successful and this whole Nabha Jailbreak took only 12 mins of time to be completed. He used his previous inmate Pabbi to help them escape. Pabbi had been absconding from the Jail long ago when he faked a heart attack and was staying with a friend of Monty Singh. However, he had revealed all the details due to one of the Major tactics played by the SP and his team.

Below Image: Rahul Dev as Monty Singh in Operation Parindey

Source: An OTT Platform ZEE5.com
Source: An OTT Platform ZEE5.com

Monty was the actual mastermind of the Escape plan as he used each and every point to make the Police and the investigation team wander away from him or his safe houses and attempt to escape without inviting any trouble. After escaping, he knew that the police would actually track the vehicles and ensured that at several points the team-mates had to split in order to escape things and checkpoints.

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Rahul Dev while playing the Character of Monty Singh showed a subtle character, Who was calm and composed yet clever to not let anyone know about his next move. The Special officers investigation team foiled his attempt to escape as SP Abhinav Mathur saw a pattern in which the bombs were planted all over New Delhi to distract them. The Bombs were found in North, West and East Delhi whereas South Delhi left untouched just because it would serve as an escape point for him through the NIzamuddin Railway station where he could move away to his next location without being caught.

The Final Scene of the Film end with Monty Singh being surrounded by the Officers and SP Abhinav Mathur and is found running on the Railway tracks. At last, He was caught by the team within the time period of 24 hours.


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