5 reasons why Ed-Tech is the future

Reasons why Ed-Tech is the future

What is Ed-Tech?

Ed-Tech is an abbreviation for the words Education Technology. The driving force of the world’s growth is purely based on the education and the developments in the education work towards the enhancement for the betterment of the people working in all the domains and sectors. The enhanced learning and the educational practices used by taking advantage of available technology makes the Ed-Tech what it is. Some Examples of Ed-tech are Justlearn, Preply and Verbling.


Ed-Tech is a product of the research and hard work of many experts. The experts suggest that the patter of learning highly depends on the methods of teaching and with the advanced methods used for teachings like using visual learning and practices, empower learning among students. The engaging environment and individual learning. The methods have evolved from using clunky desktops to online learning on tablets and mobile phones. These methods help in better interaction and are user friendly.

Better Interaction

We have seen the education system evolving from a system where a teacher used to teach over the blackboard using an old’ school method to the advanced technology of smart class where the lessons were projected to provide visual learning. This has expanded to individual learning. With online courses, each student has his platform of tuition and with a different type of portals, it improvises the teaching methods. The students can study online anytime and anywhere. With doubt sessions available by the experts, they can clarify any doubt that might cross their minds.

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Preparation for Competitive Exams

The days are left behind when people used to seek out coaching classes which can help them prepare for their competition. Everything has moved online. The lectures from the best educators around the globe, you can easily prepare for any competition from NEET, JEE to IAS and SSC! The premium membership provides mock tests to get an idea of where you stand. With hundreds of o subscribers when you compete in the mock test you find yourself competing with your fellow mates and provide a better path for the judgments of your preparations.


With Ed-Tech the learning speed is no more a constraint. Every person has a different capability to grasp things and unlike typical methods where you must cope up with the teacher’s speed of teaching, you may learn at your own pace. This helps a student with better learning and encourages him to fit into a better plan. Ed-Tech is not only beneficial for the students but also provides an ease to a teacher as now they can customize the individual lectures. A high percentage of teachers have reverted in a survey that Ed-Tech is the way of learning suitable for the next generation.


Remember the times when the teachers used to play games for a better understanding of the subject. With time, this practice of teaching demolishes while this is the best way of learning as per many studies. With cloud computation and high storage applications, many collaborations with educative games and learning tools to encourage a better method of learning.

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