Top 7 Computer Mistakes User Make

In this particular article, we will be discussing 7 of the top mistakes computer users make. Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate users, these mistakes may apply to you. In most cases, the mistakes we make are harmless, however, there are those instances when such mistakes can have tragic consequences. It’s for this reason, why prevention is always the best remedy.

So, continue reading for the top 7 mistakes you’ll want to do your utmost to avoid:

Top 7 Computer Mistakes User Make

Downloading Apps from Third-Party Sources

A large percentage of computer uses, tend to make this mistake. To download software from untrusted third-party websites, and install them right on their computers. The reason why this is a no-no, is because many of such websites can have malicious files on them. In many instances, the file itself may in fact be a virus. Such viruses, once on your computer, can cause a whole heap of problems for your system.

To be on the safe side, every time you decide to download software for your system, be sure to download it, from its official website. This way you can ensure it’s legitimate, and won’t in any way compromise your system.

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Leaving Your Webcam On

This is one mistake that is all too common. If you’re webcam has an activation light on it, then you can use that, to determine whether or not it’s enabled. Hackers know how to gain access to your webcam, which they can then use to record your activity. Some people like to use a piece of tape, to cover the cam. This can help, depending on the capabilities of the webcam. If it has audio, then they’ll still be able to record that. Ideally, you’d want to disable the cam in device manager.

Not Downloading OS Updates

If an update is made available for your operating system, then you should download it, as soon as possible. Many people tend to be put off by OS updates, this is because they almost always require a system restart. Which can be quite inconvenient, especially if you’re in the middle of something. However, not installing the update at all, will, in the long run have its consequences. You don’t want to leave your system open to malicious attacks. The consequences of which, can result in identify theft, loss of confidential data, and much more.

Using Weak Passwords

Today, it’s not uncommon to encounter an individual that has more than 10 internet accounts. The downside of having so many accounts, is having to remember all these passwords. That’s why people tend to use the same password across all their accounts. Because of this reality, if a hacker is able to compromise one account, it’d automatically give them access to all of your accounts.

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It’s for this reason you want to use different passwords for all your accounts. Using complex passwords is your safest option. You want to mix both uppercase and lowercase letters together, combined with numbers and special characters (if permitted). When it comes to remember all these passwords, you should invest in a password manager.

Keeping Too Many Tabs Open

If you keep too many windows and tabs opened during your Windows session, it can take a toll on your overall systems performance. There are many people that have complaints of their computer running slow. In most cases, it’s found, that such individuals are responsible for running too many tabs, and applications at the same time. You want to close anything you’re no longer using, and make a habit of doing that. This is a trap we all fall into, even for advanced computer users.

Not Backing Up Important Data

There are so many options available to those who would like to back up their confidential data. Despite that, so many people decide not to take the time to backup any of their important data. This may not have any immediate repercussions, but it’s possible that, in the future you could stumble upon computer problems that will prevent you from accessing your data. It’s for this reason, you want to have backups, not of everything, but of the most important data on your computer.

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Opening Email Attachments

This is one of the most common ways that viruses get onto our system – through email attachments. Many computer users make the mistake of opening attachments without taking precautions. If you click on an attachment without scanning it first, and it does turn out to be a virus, the moment it gets onto your system, it’ll immediately execute, and get to work, wrecking your system. It’s for this reason, you want antivirus software that has email scanning as one of its capabilities.



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