How to Recover Deleted Download Folder on Mac?

Extra storage space is an essential element of a computer system which lets us use the system optimally. To maintain this space, we tend to delete all the folders which are outdated and would not be required in the future. Especially the Download Folder which contains all the data which we have downloaded from the internet. The data in this folder becomes useless very soon so we keep excising the unwanted data. While executing this plan, there are high chances of accidentally deleting any of our very important downloads.

Many times an error too can occur while we are transferring data from the Download Folder to other folders on the system which leads to loss of data in the mid-transfer. If not an error, we end up using a wrong command leading to the data to get deleted.

Reasons could be many but result would be only one thing- ‘Deleted Download Folder’


Recovery Using Trash

In case of a wrong command, “Command + Delete” key leads the data into the Trash which is easily recoverable. We can easily recover data from mac trash using the following steps:

  • Look for our desired data in the Trash.
  • Then Recover it from the location to its original location.
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However, if we do not find our folder in here, then chances are that we might have used the “Command + Shift + Delete” command which doesn’t save the data in the Trash. Also, we won’t find the folder here in case we have emptied the Trash.

Use Time Machine

No I am not kidding! Time Machine is in fact a software which aids our backup and is distributed as a part of macOS. If we activated it in the past, then we can easily use it as a backup and restore our accidentally deleted data. These are the steps we must follow to restore data using Time Machine:

  • Make sure to have Time Machine connected and turned on.
  • Open the target folder: ‘Download Folder.’
  • Choose Enter Time Machine from the Time Machine menu.
  • Find and select the items to restore.
  • Click ‘Restore.’

However, in case we did not install it earlier, then we will have to look up to the other step as this only works in case we have Time Machine activated.

  1. Data Recovery Software: If the desired folder is neither in the Trash nor in our back up application, then mac data recovery software is where we go and the best one out of all available on the internet is Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac. This software is compatible with all Mac devices be it MacBook (Pro & Air), iMac or Mac Mini as well as the latest macOS Catalina and the versions below. Besides this feature, this software also supports recovery from internal as well as external storage devices. Here are the steps we need to follow to recover data using this software:
  • Go to the official website and download Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac.
  • Select ‘Recover Everything’ or filter according to our requirement.
    Select Type of Data
  • Select the location and Scan’ the drive.
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Select Location

  • ‘Preview’ the files once the scan is complete.

  • ‘Recover’ selected files.

Scan & Recover

Tips to enhance data recovery

In case we are dangling over how to recover deleted files on mac successfully without a hurdle, these are the tips to be followed:

  • We should not use the device after detecting the need for data recovery to decrease the further chances of the data loss and increase the chances of data recovery during the process.
  • Avoiding the use of the device while the data is being recovered is the best thing we can do to speed up the process.
  • We should use reliable, safe and compatible data recovery software and Stellar guarantees 100% data recovery and safety to its customers.
  • The use of tools that might facilitate permanent deletion of the files should be avoided until the data is recovered as it can make the process harder.

Tips to avoid future file loss:

To further avoid cases of recovery in accidentally deleted downloads folder mac, these are the tips which will surely help us:

  • Before emptying the Trash, we should ensure that there is no important file in the folder. Additionally, we can make a policy of giving a 30 day interval between deleting a file from its original location to deleting it permanently from the Trash.
  • Do not use commands such as “Command + Shift + Delete” which may lead to permanent deletion of the particular file from the system.
  • In case we are using external help for the disk cleanup process, we should avoid automatic cleanups as they might go without supervision.
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The entire article covered methods to recover data from Mac including the use of Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac which guarantees 100% data recovery. However, there are some tips shared which can be helpful to facilitate the process of data recovery and minimize the chances of losing data in future.

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