Six key aspects of sales and operations planning

Good business managers understand the importance of sales and operations planning in maximizing a company’s success. Sales and operations planning makes it possible to improve the customer experience while also ensuring that the process of manufacturing and delivering product is as efficient and smooth as possible.

The end goal of sales and operations planning is to allow executives to make more informed decisions. One of the most essential things to keep in mind regarding sales and operations planning is that plans need to be reviewed and updated over time. Demand and supply processes change. Also, company growth can make it so that a new sales and operations plan needs to be devised. At many companies, monthly reviews of sales and operations plans are ideal to ensure that adjustments are promptly made to changing needs.

Six key aspects of sales and operations planning

The following are six key aspects of sales and operations planning to work on to optimize operations at your company.

Forecasting sales

You need to forecast sales so that you know what to expect in terms of your production needs. Start with your sales forecasting by considering historical data regarding past sales and predicting future sales with it. Look not only at data from previous sales, but also other factors that could impact sales. These could include factors both on the inside and outside of your company. Look at events that might impact your customers. Also, consider events that will impact the industry in general or your competition.

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Forecasting demand for product and services

In addition to planning for sales, you also need to plan for demand. Demand brings collaboration between departments carrying out different functions into the equation. Any forecasts regarding sales and analyzed in detail. Then, adjustments are made to them and to any policies in place impacting customer service and inventory.

Demand is measured in numerous possible ways when it comes to demand planning as part of sales and operations planning. Demand can be analyzed in terms of revenue. Another possible way to analyze demand is to look at it in terms of unit of a product.

Making plans for the supply end

Supply planning is another important aspect of sales and operations planning. Supply planning requires the assistance of representatives from departments such as operations, materials, and finance. While making plans for the supply end of operations, representatives will work to form an accurate evaluation of capacity in regards to supply chain management.

With supply planning, it’s important to anticipate any limitations that are likely to come up when it comes to labor, suppliers, and equipment. A good supply plan will anticipate and account for any of these possible limitations.

Collaborating between departments

Before a detail planned form as part of sales and operations planning, all detail gathered through the above needs to be compiled and analyzed with representatives from all departments present. Sales and operations planning involves the sales department and operations department especially. However, it will also heavily impact the departments of marketing, finance, human resources, and product management as well.

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During the collaboration stage, it’s important to consider the financial impacts of any plans that are made.

Analyzing data to create a plan

After data has been gathered and various departments have collaborated, executives need to meet together to come up with sales and operations plan details. During this step, the plan should be devised and then approved by executives. Devising the plan should involve discussing needs and concerns between different departments. Several draft plans may need to be devised and reviewed to optimize the sales and operations plan. This is the last step before implementing the sales and operations plan.

Implementing the plan

The implementation of the sales and operations plan will take time and require wide collaboration between departments. At implementation, working monthly reviews into the company sales and operations plan is important. Even during implementation, adjustment needs to the sales and operations plan may come up. Delaying to make needed adjustments can detract significantly from the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales and operations plan down the road.

A good sales and operations planning strategy is a very important part of managing your business. Fortunately, there are many resources available to assist your company with sales and operations planning.

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