What is E2 Visa Law Los Angeles?

If you’re interested in going to the United States and investing in a business or working for an existing business venture, you may qualify to receive the E2 Visa. There are some criteria in place that you should understand before you try to apply for this.

Treaty of Commerce and Other Criteria

In order to apply for the E2 Visa, you must be a national of a country that maintains a treaty of commerce with the United States.

Beyond this, you must be entering the U.S. to develop and manage operations of a business enterprise in which you’ve already invested or plan to invest a large amount of capital. Also, you may come into the United States so that you can direct and develop operations for an enterprise that has commercial trade with the country of your nationality.

While in the States, you only can work for the self-owned business or employer that acts as your E2 Visa sponsor.

An accompanying spouse and the applicant’s unmarried minor children may get Visas as well. When an E Visa holder (whether it’s the worker or their family member) enters the United States, they are granted a stay of up to 2 years, though initial E2 Visas may last up to five years and you may be eligible for unlimited extensions. If you’re developing or otherwise working with a new business, you’ll have a shorter validity period.

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If you have questions or concerns about the E2 visa law Los Angeles, you can talk to an immigration attorney who has experience with this matter. You’ll likely have your E2 visa set up in a short time when you go through a reputable lawyer.

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