Two Unique Solitaire Games That you need to check out right now!

We all know how fun solitaire games are. Once you start, you keep playing because winning just feels so much satisfying. There are many enjoyable versions of solitaire such as Klondike or Spider Solitaire. Both of these popular solitaire games require some serious skill in order to win. However as fun as they are, it starts to get boring because you are just doing the same thing over and over again. Some games are even the exact copy of each other with only minor modifications. Today, I will be talking about some of the most unique solitaire games that you can enjoy, so let’s get started.

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Peg Solitaire

Peg solitaire is perhaps one of the most interesting way of playing solitaire. It is very different to most types of solitaire game that you will ever play. It is challenging, fun, and also has very simple rules.

Most solitaire games require a deck of cards, but not Peg Solitaire. Instead, Peg Solitaire is played on a board. It is a pretty straightforward board game for a single player. On its board, you control movements of pegs on top of holes. There are a number of holes on the board and pegs. There is one more hole than the number of pegs. Your goal is to move the pegs following the rules, in such a way that you are only left with one single peg at the end. A peg can only be moved if there is another peg adjacent to it and an empty hole on the other side of that adjacent peg. In this manner, pegs jump over each other into an empty hole and get removed from the board one by one. You can only move horizontally and vertically. You have to be very careful about which peg you are choosing to move because it can easily cost you the game whether you see it or not. There is only one way to win and it is by having a completely empty board except for the final peg in the middle hole.

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Peg Solitaire is super addictive and provides you a lot of entertainment. It is also a very unique Solitaire game because of the way it is played. You can play peg solitaire for free at

Magic Solitaire

If you are looking for a completely unique solitario gratis game then Magic Solitaire should be your no. 1 choice. This game is such a fun way to play Solitaire that anyone can enjoy.

Your main goal is very simple. You are given a few cards in the start. Some are facing up while others are facing down. You have to match the card given at the bottom of your screen. It can either be above or below it. You get more points if you form long chains by connecting the cards. If you think you have no matching card, you can pick one up from the deck to match against it. You can also use the undo button as many times you want if you think you made a mistake.

The best feature about Magic Solitaire is that it has many levels for you to play. Each one is well designed, so you never feel bored. The game also has a very rhythmic music to keep you indulged in the amazingness of the game. You can play magic solitaire for free on Coolmath Games has a range of different solitaire games to play that you can find by clicking on the following link:

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