3 Must-Have Apps for Job Seekers

With apps being a vital part of our everyday life, it is no surprise that there are many apps for job seekers. These 3 app categories can make your job search much easier and more efficient: interview apps, resume buildings apps, and professional networking apps.

Interview Apps

Interview Apps let you find out which jobs you qualify for in an easy-to-use database. The app will then show you the qualifications needed to apply for each position so that you don’t waste time on applications that won’t get them anywhere.

Interview apps can be your best friend in landing the job you want. With video interviews, recruiting tools, and interview guides on hand, these apps put a lot of power into your hands to land that job. On top of this, many of them are free!

Some examples of great interview apps are:

  • InterviewStream: a free app to search for jobs and upload your resume, track applications, and send interviews
  • HireVue Interviews: an affordable video interview service with a quick turnaround time
  • CareerBuilder: a free app with a resume builder, interview questions and answers, as well as job matches. The app also lets you set up real-time alerts for new job openings.
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One thing to remember when using an interview app is that you don’t need to limit yourself to only one application. You can try multiple apps to see which one suits your needs best. The most important thing is that you have a system in place, and can easily navigate all of the information!

Resume Building App

Resume Builders help create resumes easily and quickly with templates provided by the app or online service. With so much competition in today’s job market, it’s important to ensure that your resume stands out. Oftentimes, companies use programs that search for keywords in their applicant’s resumes, so it’s vital that your resume not only is grammatically correct, but also that it uses keywords for the industry you’re applying for.

There are a large number of resume building apps available, including:

  • Jobscan: uses AI and algorithms to scan your resume for words, phrases, or grammar mistakes by using natural language processing.
  • Resumonk: a resume builder that uses the power of automation to automatically build and distribute your resume.
  • Catch22: an app made for professionals, designed to create a CV in minutes

Like all apps, resume builders have their flaws as well. This is why it is always important to read, re-read, and then read your resume again to ensure your resume doesn’t contain mistakes.

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Professional Networking Apps

Networking apps allow users to connect with other professionals through social media, like LinkedIn or Twitter in order to learn more about their field as well as make connections. Often employers will use social networking apps to post about job openings. Additionally, recruiters use networking apps to contact jobseekers to inform them about available job openings.

There are multiple social networking apps, but every job seeker should be active on these platforms:

  • LinkedIn: a great app for connecting with potential employers and recruiters, as well as following the company(s) that you are interested in working for. LinkedIn is usually the go-to for HR departments when posting about job-related events, such as a job fair.
  • Twitter: while Twitter is mainly used to post status updates, it can also be a tool for a job searcher. Job searchers should use hashtags such as #Jobs and #Hiring in order to connect with recruiters or employers on the app who may have posted about jobs that are relevant to them.
  • Facebook: though Facebook is not used nearly as often as LinkedIn or Twitter, it can be a valuable tool for job seekers because many employers prefer to use Facebook as opposed to LinkedIn.

When using professional networking apps, job seekers should be cognizant of what they post. Remember that the idea is to stay professional. It can be easy to get caught up in posting about one’s personal life via social media, but this should be avoided.

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Job Seeking in the Modern Era

Job seeking has become much more competitive in recent years as a result of increasing technological advances. That is why it has never been more important for job seekers to have an edge over other applicants in order to land their dream jobs.

With apps designed for online interviews, resume builders, and networking tools, it is essential that you maintain your competitiveness by taking advantage of these resources.

There is no perfect app to do all of the job seeker’s work for them – but these apps will help you get a leg up on what can be one of the most challenging parts of being in today’s workforce

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