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What if you get paid for uploading photos stored on your camera and mobile phone? If you love to capture things using your camera and want to start earning from the clicks you captured, then there’s a platform called A detailed review of this platform will give you brief information about it and how does it work for you!

What is website designed for photographers irrespective of their knowledge and experience. The platform acts as a photo-sharing platform with an opportunity to earn money. Anyone can use this platform to build a professional portfolio or sell their photographs to their audiences. Moreover, the platform adds rewards to their account when someone views their photos.

Unlike other photo-sharing platforms, clickasnap serves user-friendly interfaces where no technical knowledge or experience is required. The best part about this platform is it lets anyone generate extra revenue just by uploading unique and quality photos to their profile.

How does ClickASnap work?

Most people use social networks to share their photos and videos with their loved ones. However, to create a professional portfolio of your photography work, or to start earning instant money, you have to go with a reliable platform like ClickASnap. Anyone can create a free account to sign up and start generating money.

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ClickASnap has gained massive popularity in a short time just because of its simple paying model to the users. The UK-based website is the most genuine photo-sharing website where users will get paid instantly for their work.

The website offers multiple ways to start earning money just by creating a profile and uploading unique and quality photos to it. Let’s collect some useful information about the platform’s paying model.

How Can I Start Earning Money?

You can start earning money with two different methods on Your account will be credited with 0.4¢ when someone viewed your photos. When the total credit reaches $15, you can claim to transfer it to your bank account.

Besides this, you can also sell prints of your photos right from the same platform. You can sell digital copies of your photos on The more traffic you receive on your photos, the more money you can earn.

The website is designed with the latest technology. It uses a tracking tool to identify whether the traffic is real or fake. If you use bots to generate traffic, then your account may get suspended. Focus on using your social media profiles to convert your friends and followers to your viewers.

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It takes time to create and build real traffic on your profile. For that, you have to upload quality photos regularly and make use of other social networks and platforms to drive traffic to your photos. You can also share your photos on different platforms using the links to generate more traffic.

Why ClickASnap?

There are numerous photo-sharing platforms present on the web. Most people believe that these platforms are fake and they do not pay funds to their members. When it comes to paying, ClickASnap is the best and most genuine platform.

The credit threshold set by this website is $15. As soon as your account reaches $15, you can claim for a transfer of your money through your ClickASnap account. The money will be transferred within 24 hours to your bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Is a free-to-use platform? allows you to create a free account with some limitations. You can explore the platform and its features and functions with a free account. However, to generate more revenue, you have to go with the pro-seller account.

Question 2: Is it a legit platform?

Yes, ClickASnap has received 4.5 ratings out of 5 from its users. The platform is good at paying its members within 24 hours.

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Question 3: Who manages ClickASnap?

ClickASnap is a UK-based photo-sharing website managed by a team of developers who bring new features and functions regularly to this platform.

Question 4: Is it a secure platform?

Yes, the platform is 100% secured as it doesn’t share your personal information with anyone. Your profile and the copyrights on your photos will be kept secured.

Take away!

ClickASnap is a genuine way to create a professional portfolio of your work. It’s a good opportunity for amateur photographers who can start earning money instantly just by uploading their random clicks. Sign up for a free account now to see how this platform works!

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