Fallen Trees: What to Do

Snow and thunderstorms have been the cause of many fallen trees, and sometimes they end up taking down electrical wires in the process. If you have a fallen tree on your property, you need to assess the cause of the fall and determine whether it has caused any property or wiring damage.

1. Prioritize Safety

Ensure that the area around the tree is safe before working to remove it. You may need to call on emergency electrical services OH if a wire has been broken or damaged by the fallen tree.

2. Obtain Appropriate Permits

Cities and townships require permits for just about everything, and tree removal is often no exception. Check with your municipality to determine whether you’ll need a permit.

3. Prepare Tree for Removal

Prepare the tree for removal by cutting the branches beginning from the top and working your way down. A chainsaw will cut the tree into pieces you can take to the curb or a dumpsite, depending on your local tree disposal requirements. If you are not experienced with a chainsaw, this is not the time to try your hand at it. Hire professionals to safely complete the job. Moreover, you can check https://toolpip.com/ for a great variety of chainsaws in case you are looking for the best options in this regard.

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4. Consider Repurposing the Tree

If the wood from the tree is dry, consider cutting it up and using it for firewood. If you have no use for firewood, you could have the tree ground into mulch and use it for your garden.

5. Remove the Tree

If you have no other use for the remnants of the tree, leave it in small bunches at your curb or take it to your local dumpsite in accordance with your town’s requirements.

Fallen trees can be a safety hazard, and should be treated as such until the situation is deemed safe. Once you’re sure there isn’t a safety hazard, the tree removal service process can begin.