Understanding Satellite Phones

The satellite phone is becoming quite common in the modern world. There is an increasing need to have convenient communication from different parts of the world. Communication is taking a different direction and making great strides. The system adopted by satellite phones entails low earth orbiting (LEO) satellite. The satellites are preferred over the geostationary satellites due to delay. The delay introduced by stationary geo satellite changes with the distance from where it is situated. LEO satellites are therefore more efficient, hence becoming part of the satellite phone system.

Type of satellite used

Satellite phones have a constellation of LEO satellites. This is done to have the satellites placed near the earth to make them move quicker than the earth, making them invisible from time to time. While one satellite moves off the horizon, another LEO satellite moves up nearby to receive calls. The technology advancements in satellite phones are based on the kind of service provider you opt for. The systems in satellite phones entail various techniques used to transmit data, whether for video or audio signals.

Types of systems used

Some firms use multiple access time schemes to raise the calls that can be operated. Such companies have satellite to satellite connections as part of the system; hence, satellites work directly with the handsets. Some satellite phone systems develop new technology known as code division multiple satellites and access used for handling the calls traffic for this system. Satellites in such systems offer relay services like stations.

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A lot of changes have occurred with communication changing from mere connections through radio and cable lines. Such methods do not satisfy and meet the rising need to facilitate coverage. Satellite phone services have become a necessity since cable lines do not have to be fixed in the various parts: the use of radiofrequency bandwidth is exhausted in the connection of the majority of the regions on the earth’s surface.

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