Guide to buy the best laptop for GIS software in 2021

If you closely work with GIS (geographic information system) or are involved in Remote Sensing or GIS mapping, you need the best quality laptop that can run reliable and popular GIS software. GIS is a framework used to gather, manage and analyze geographical data. Not just any laptop device with normal specifications would work for such a purpose. Thus, find the best laptop for GIS to handle the different operations. In this post, we have mentioned some basic system requirements that you must look for while purchasing a laptop for GIS or hacker laptop. The list is created keeping all the major requirements in mind for purchasing a laptop. So, go through it and make a wise decision to buy your GIS device.

Factors to consider while purchasing the GIS laptop

For the best computing experience, you must buy a laptop that runs your GIS software without trouble. A large storage space, dedicated graphic card, highest RAM memory, and other advanced features may not be available in a regular laptop. Thus make a wise decision keeping the following system requirements in your mind.


GIS software is capable of performing heavy task programs, thus, you need a powerful processor with at least 2.2 GHz speed. You can go for either Intel core i5s or Intel I7s processor.

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Your RAM size must be more than or equal to 8GB to manage multiple tasks on your GIS laptop. Also, if you want to purchase a hacker laptop, you must consider the one with at least 15 GB RAM size. Prefer to go with the one that accommodates bigger RAM for better performance.

Storage space

You will require at least 32 GB of storage space on your SSD to run GIS software without any trouble. The laptop starts with a high storage capacity and won’t encounter any trouble and keep up with the requirements. If you store the data on your laptop, you must go for the one with higher storage capacity.

Graphics card

Integrated graphics cards can work with your GIS software, but if you want to have an optimum computing experience, you must buy a laptop with a dedicated graphics card. The dedicated graphics card is not only better than the integrated GPU but also perfectly matches the requirements of GIS software.

Screen resolution

The minimum screen resolution recommended is at least 1280X800 pixels. Choose the laptop with full HD resolution as a minimum system requirement. The better resolution shares the better experience. There are many affordable options available in the market out of which you can pick the one that perfectly matches your requirement.

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Battery life

The laptop you purchase must have an impressive battery life of at least 6 to 8 hours. Go for the one that comes with a built-in fan to keep the device cool throughout the play

Wrapping up

For a smooth computing experience, you must use a laptop with GIS software, the latest processor, and technology. When it comes to choosing the best laptop for GIS, you need to consider certain requirements to have the best computing experience. The post above is providing a snapshot of some of the basic features that you must look for to purchase the laptop for GIS. However, do not keep yourself limited to the mentioned information, before you try your luck, go through the other best options available in the market to make the right decision. Perhaps, choose the one that comes with all the above features. The software can work effectively on any laptop that meets the above-mentioned minimum requirements. Do not forget to review the buyer’s guide before you purchase the GIS software.

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