How to print SMS from Android?

Printing SMS texts from Android is something that every Android user wants in their smartphones. And yet, this feature is not introduced as an in-built element by any smartphone brand till now.

Introducing an entirely new feature through Android updates is quite a vulnerable step for the developers. And hence, third-party developers have now created tools and software programs that do the job of printing text messages from Android smartphones.

How to print SMS from Android

The tool that you will learn about here is compatible with Android devices, Windows phones, and even iOS devices. With this all-in-one tool, you can easily take a printout of your precious and sensitive SMS and text messages that contain valuable information in physical format. This SMS EasyReader&Printer will be helpful in some serious situations if anything happens to your Android smartphone. So, whatever operating system your phone is running on, you can quickly and freely use this application for your purposes.

Speaking about the operating system of your smartphones, you must make sure that you update it regularly whenever you get the notification for the same. If not, you might miss out on some critical Android updates that are better than the existing ones. Unfortunately, suppose your Android phone falls prey to cyberattacks. In that case, you could lose all your valuable information, essential data, and even those valid SMS, MMS, and text messages. Thus, to keep your Android phone secure to an extent, updating your phone’s operating system is necessary.

A few other reasons as to why regular updates of your smartphone should not be ignored are:

  • Regularly updating your Android phone’s operating system is crucial to fixing bugs. Every smartphone out there falls prey to unwanted bugs and glitches over time. Phone users these days do not leave their smartphones for even a second. All of them use it for various reasons. Suppose you have ever encountered a situation where your phone camera crashed while you were using it. In that case, it indicates the likelihood of bugs or failure of operating system integration. Such bugs can be fixed when you update your Android phone in time. 
  • Software updates tend to increase the overall functioning of your Android smartphone. That is to say, if you do not update when notified, your smartphone could not work in its best mode. Hence, you would not get the best experience out of your Android phone.

Nevertheless, OS updates can also sometimes remove certain features of your Android phone. Even though you can keep a backup of almost everything present on your phone, it is better to not take the risk with important stuff such as SMS and MMS. As a solution to such circumstances, you can print SMS Android using the SMS EasyReader&Printer.

An important thing to note before progressing to the use of SMS EasyReader&Printer is that you first have to install the SMS EasyExporter application. Only after the installation of this app will you be able to print text messages from Android phones. This application is the product of SMS EasyReader&Printer itself. One cannot work without another. 

Since SMS EasyReader&Printer is a website, you just need to search for it on the search engine to launch it for your use. However, you can download and install the SMS Easy Exporter app from Google Play Store on your Android device. If it is not installed right away, you might notice a pop-up message that prompts you to install the app. You just need to accept that to begin the installation process. Once the installation is done, you can create an external file to save the critical text messages, MMS, and SMS that you want to take a printout of.

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