Staying Sane with Betting the NFL

There will always be another Monday, Thursday, Sunday or sometimes even Saturday. When it comes to betting on NFL lines there are always plenty of options during every day there is football.

Being able to make a profit on the NFL games isn’t something that can be done without some thought, research and a little bit of luck. In order to keep a responsible eye on your bankroll, betters should keep an eye out for tricks that will help to keep up with the week-in, week-out chaos that is the NFL.

Follow the money

The spread on NFL games will see shifts — major and minor — throughout the week and can be reliant on injury news and other information that comes to light. While a line moving away from a certain number isn’t always a guarantee of a victory, it can provide a window into where people with big money are betting.

Get the best number

NFL games have the highest frequency of ending with the difference between the winner and loser being either three or seven points. When it comes to trying to bet a spread on an NFL game, you want to try and find -2.5/+3.5 as often as possible. Having the favorite as less than a field goal favorite gives bettors more breathing room. When the spread is higher you want to try and get the favorite at -6.5 and underdog at +7.5 if possible.

Teasers help, just don’t go crazy

Six-point teasers help bettors get spreads for NFL games under the key numbers of three and seven. The trade off for these bets is you will have a lower payout and need to have multiple legs, like a parlay, and all need to hit for the bet to win.

If you like the Steelers are 7.5-point favorites and the Ravens as 1.5-point underdogs, a teaser would give you the Steelers -1.5 and Ravens +7.5. Those extra points may help win the bet. There are several key don’ts with teasers. Do not tease a small favorite through zero, as it doesn’t add much value. Also, try to limit your teasers to two or three teams, anything beyond that exposes bettors to unnecessary risk.

Teams are never “due” for wins

When evaluating games, picking a team that you think is good, but has struggled recently is human nature. But the NFL doesn’t function like that. During the regular season, teams at the top of the division race are regularly tripped up by lesser opponents. Doing research into each matchup is vital.

Prop bets have value

With all the different ways you can bet on a football game, not every line that is set will be sharp. Checking out individual player props can be a valuable lane for bettors. Information is readily available to track trends and sometimes players and coaches will say things in interviews to indicate who will get more or less opportunities.

Where’d my crystal ball go?

Future bets can provide NFL betters with a more macro view on the league and individuals who play in can have fun with bettering. Odds change on how to which team will win individual awards, which teams will grab division crowns along with who will win each conference and the Super Bowl.

Don’t chase losses

There are plenty of opportunities to bet on NFL games. When a team you like sees their fortunes start to go south, it doesn’t mean they will suddenly figure things out and be able to grab a victory. Live odds and betting can provide a great chance to make money, but you need to make sure to not try to recover losses by throwing more money at a sinking ship.

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