iWhere: Comprehensive Fake Location APP to Move iPhone with Customized Routes

With digital connectivity constantly changing, privacy and control over personal data are becoming more and more important. The importance of protecting our current location is greater than ever as we navigate the worlds of social media, location-based services, and numerous mobile applications. Introducing iWhere, an all-in-one false location tool made specifically for iPhone users. It allows users to alter their GPS locations and travel personalized routes right from their phones.

In this article, we explore the features and functionalities that set iWhere apart from other phone location apps. For customers looking for increased privacy, security, and a dash of virtual adventure, iWhere offers an abundance of possibilities, from smooth location spoofing to the construction of complex custom routes. Explore how iWhere is changing the dynamics of location-sharing in the digital era by traveling through its capabilities with us.

When do we need to set up a virtual location?

Setting up a virtual location can be useful in various situations, particularly when using online platforms and services. Here are some scenarios where setting up a virtual location may be necessary or beneficial:

Online Dating:

When using dating apps or websites, some users may choose to set up a virtual location to protect their real-world location and maintain a level of privacy until they feel comfortable sharing more details.

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Online Forums and Communities:

In certain online communities or forums, individuals might prefer to use a virtual location to maintain anonymity and protect their identity while participating in discussions.

Remote Teams:

In a remote work environment, team members from different geographical locations might use virtual locations to collaborate and access shared resources as if they were in the same physical location.

Multiplayer Games:

Gamers might use virtual locations to connect with friends or players from around the world, especially in games that have regional servers.

Streaming Services:

Users may use virtual locations to bypass geo-restrictions imposed by streaming services, accessing content that might be limited to specific regions.

Online Research:

Market Research:

Researchers and businesses may set up virtual locations to conduct market research and analyze online trends specific to certain geographic areas.

iWhere: 2024 Fake Location APP with Customized Routes

iWhere, acclaimed as the best location changer, offers a seamless solution to modify your GPS location with just one click. Designed for both Windows and Mac platforms, this versatile application is perfect for users who wish to control and customize their iPhone’s location settings for various purposes, including privacy on social media and enhancing gameplay in AR video games.

Key Functions:

Effortless Location Mastery:

Seamlessly tweak your iOS device’s location in a single click, effortlessly gaining precise control over its virtual presence.

Customized App Location Dynamics:

Empower yourself with enhanced privacy and meticulous control over location-centric applications, be it the immersive world of AR games or the dynamic realm of social platforms. Manipulate GPS coordinates with intuitive ease.

Diverse GPS Adventure Modes:

Embark on a journey through four distinct GPS simulation modes, each offering a unique twist to your digital movement. Tailor your routes and speeds, sculpting a lifelike experience that aligns perfectly with your preferences.

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Adaptable GPS Joystick Excitement:

Transform your AR gaming escapades with a versatile GPS joystick, injecting a dynamic and unpredictable element into your virtual exploits.

Privacy Sentinel with Security Assurance:

Safeguard your digital presence by shrouding your true location on social media platforms. Thwart any attempts by location-permission-enabled apps to track your movements, ensuring a secure and private online footprint.

Geo-Based Immersion Exploration:

Delve into the captivating world of Geo-Based AR games, finesse GPS locations for dating apps, and traverse a spectrum of virtual realms, elevating your digital experiences to new heights.

Personal Velocity Tailoring:

Craft your movement speed, whether strolling or cruising, with adjustable speeds ranging from a leisurely 1 m/s to an exhilarating 50 m/s. Immerse yourself in a personalized and realistic user experience.

Efficient GPX Journey Management:

Effortlessly store and revisit your preferred routes by seamlessly importing or exporting GPX files. Integrate this feature seamlessly with your preferred navigation setups for a smooth and efficient journey.

3 Modes:

Define a virtual location manually by entering specific latitude and longitude coordinates of your choice.

Route Simulation Modes:

One-stop Mode: Set automated routes by selecting both starting and ending points.

Multi-stop Mode: Tailor routes with flexibility by choosing multiple spots on the map.

Joystick Mode: Enjoy the freedom to control your iPhone’s location effortlessly through an on-screen joystick on your computer.

How to Use:

Step1:Download and Install

Step 2: Select Multi-stop Mode

  • Choose Multi-stop Mode to pass specific places on the simulated route.

Step 3: Add specific sites

  • Subsequently, include the locations you intend to visit by either typing in the place name or selecting the site directly on the map. Afterward, click on “Use this site.”
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Step 4: Initiate the GPS location movement

  • Press the Start Move button, and the device’s GPS location will adjust based on the designated route.

Users Review:


I have used many location changers, but I am unsatisfied with them. Finally, but luckily, I get iWhere and think that it is helpful whatever I need to fake or hide my location.


The best AR games helper ever! With iWhere, I can play Pokemon Go on my iPhone freely without walking outside.

Affordable Pricing:

  • 7-Day Free Trial: $0.00 – Use it free for 7 days on 6 iOS devices.
  • 1 Month License: $9.95 (Original Price $19.90) – Use it for 1 month on 6 iOS devices.
  • Lifetime License: $49.96 (Original Price $62.45) – Use it for a lifetime on 6 iOS devices.

Expert Advice:

Mark, Tech Enthusiast

iWhere is easy to use because of its clear and simple interface. It is stable when I use it to plan a track and let my iPhone GPS location move along this route. Highly recommended for its efficiency and reliability.


We explore the features and functionalities that set iWhere apart from other phone location apps in this article. iWhere provides a wealth of possibilities for consumers looking for more privacy, security, and a dash of virtual adventure, from smooth location spoofing to the construction of complex custom routes. Experience iWhere’s capabilities with us as we investigate how this software is changing the mechanics of location-sharing in the digital age.

iWhere’s ability to create personalized routes, modify movement speeds, and select from a variety of modes is indicative of its dedication to fulfilling the changing needs of its customers in a variety of situations. The application’s adaptability is demonstrated by its use in a variety of contexts, including market research, multiplayer gaming, remote work partnerships, and online dating.

Testimonials from users highlight iWhere’s efficacy; they express contentment with its functionality, especially when compared to alternative location changers. The good experiences that users like Jenifer and Andy have shared demonstrate how useful the program is for meeting a range of objectives, including enhancing the game experience and addressing privacy issues.


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