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Monday, June 18, 2018

NBA 2K series- Best virtual basketball game series

If you fan of NBA 2K18, you have landed at the right spot as we are going to discuss everything that there is to discuss the game. So, what are …

FIFA 18 And the Probable Stars Might Feature on the Cover

Whenever there is a new game in the news, there is always a rise in the speculations and the rumors surrounding the game. And that is one of the most …

HyperX Completed Gaming Peripheral Product Lines

HyperXAs eSports and gaming community getting prosperous, gamers nowadays tend to spend longer time playing, hence in need of gaming gears with higher quality. HyperX, a division of Kingston Technology,

Vanquish PC Release Date, Price, and System Requirements Listed on Steam

VanquishAfter much prodding, Sega has finally declared when third individual shooter Vanquish will be playable on PC. Vanquish’s release date for PC is May 25, 2017, and will cost Rs. …