Syska launches 6A Power Wheel compatible with multiple plugs

 International Socket Design – Classy Looks – 4m long cable – Ideal for Home & Offices

Syska Power WheelSyska India’s leading player in the LED Lighting known for its smart innovation has introduced another addition to its range of extension boards, with ‘Syska Power Wheel’, 3Way multiple sockets automatic extension Wheel with surge and spike protection.  With 4m long cord rugged built to withstand everyday wear and tear & chic looks – Syska Power Wheel covers it all!

Designed to match your prerequisites, Syska power wheel sports an elegant finish that isn’t a mismatch to your beautiful décor of the house. The grey & white combination, with sleek and scratch-free glossy finish, along with a glow switch to let you know when the guard is on or off for daily operations.

This 3-way multiple socket extension board has a built-in circuitry specially designed to act as a custodian to protect sensitive equipment from the dangerous effects of the powerful surges and spikes encountered in the power supply every day. This compact and aesthetically designed device is made of heat resistant ABS plastic.

The 6A Wheel is durable and takes a power of 1500 W at a voltage input of 150 V. The device holds the potential of transferring a maximum of 240 volts at a frequency of 50 hertz that gives it enough juice to power all your tech toys at once.

Syska Power wheel

Commenting on the launch of the Power Wheel, Mr Rajesh Uttamchandani, Director – SSK Group says, “SYSKA aspires to acquire maximum brand share per household and such products of daily use with high quality will ensure trust level of the brand amongst Indian consumers.”

If you are worried about how you can use the spike guard away from the source of electricity, then you need not worry much as the Syska Power wheel comes with a four -meter-long cord to allow you better usage. Moreover, the cable comes along to protect the guard from any wear and tear.

Syska Power wheel ensures that even if different types of plugs are plugged into its broken and ‘Universal’ type sockets, the pins make a solid connection with the outlet and do not cause any loose connections, thereby protecting the life of the appliance connected to it.

With 1 Year Warranty, Syska Power Wheel promises comfortable and durable usage.

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