FacebookFacebook is a technology massive that has to manage lots of statistics on the daily basis. Its size and scope additionally make it one of the pinnacle targets of the notorious hackers who hold looking for any opportunity to breach information. To keep away from such mishaps and scandals, Facebook tries to take each possible measure.
at the internet Summit 2016 tech convention in Portugal, the blue network’s chief security officer, Alex Stamos, instructed how safety is larger than protection. in the wake of the latest facts breaches and hacks, he said, “It seems that we can build flawlessly comfortable software program and but human beings can still get harm.”

After the information breaches, the stolen credentials are without difficulty available at the black marketplace. soon after any leak, cyber criminals buy them and try out their good fortune. talking about the equal danger, Stamos said that the reuse of passwords is the largest perpetrator in causing the harm at the net.


Facebook buys leaked passwords to hold the customers safe

Facebook CSO found out that the social community buys passwords which might be sold at the black markets. Facebook does this to test if the users are the usage of the ones commonplace passwords in their bills. The corporation obtains the one’s passwords and cross-references them with the encrypted passwords utilized by the humans.

at the same time as this mission is computationally heavy, the social network has been able to help hundreds of thousands of customers by notifying them to trade their susceptible passwords. He also stated that the idea of usernames and passwords are outdated because it’s an idea that came out of 1970s mainframe architectures.

apart from this measure, Facebook additionally offers alternatives like component authentication, activity tracking, faraway logout, figuring out faces of pals and so forth. to help the users. The users ought to use them and make certain a relaxed internet revel in.

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