April Fools jokes roundup from Google

April 1 that is a date I tend to fear. All the not entertaining April Fools jokes and tricks coming to my direction, and weight of coming up with something myself? Crotchety old man, you may state (and alright, you may be correct). A couple of the current year’s endeavours put a grin all over.

Google drives the route with various divisions from different nations concocting some crazy thoughts. PacMan mode in Google Maps has been around for a couple of years now on April Fool’s, and in 2017 we have Google Assistant telling father jokes upon your demand.

Haptic Helpers are here to here to convey you to your faculties. Or, on the other hand, rather, to finish the VR/AR experience that is about sight and sound, yet is extremely ailing in taste, touch, and notice drenching (might it be able to be to improve things?).

Google Japan has imagined half-genuine (or a quarter, perhaps?) input strategies during the current day for a couple of years now and the most recent one includes bubble wrap, taking the punched tape of old to the following level.

Ensure you watch the old ones as well: the gathering blower from 2015, and the Flick console from 2016.

Then, Google Netherlands has figured out how to convey the sun to the nation that gets 145 days of rain in a year.

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And afterwards, there’s Google Gnome, Google Home’s sidekick for the back yard. Do remember that the pooch may render the Gnome inoperable.


Pets and savvy home colleagues – Amazon has another take. Meet Petlexa.

I likewise started grinning at T-Mobile’s OneSie, and following a long work week, I could utilise a container of OnePlus’ Dash. Naturally, imparted to a BFF, the Honor BFF.

April Fools, April Fools, April Fools everywhere.

Upbeat April Fools Day, everybody!

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