Social media has initiated a revolution in the present digitalized world. Marketing has always been about communication, but communication trusts on its content and format. In the 20th century, television transformed the advertising industry similarly, social media will modernize it in the 21st century. Already we are observing these changes, with the arrival of things like content marketing, which has to change the way a relationship is established and sustained with the customer in order to result in sales. You can also build link building by manual blogger outreach. Though this process certainly takes time to master it.

The social media world is a fascinating one. Every day, a new social media platform emerges to capture our attention or become a part of our daily lives. Every week, developers create and release a new social media tool, authorizing online marketers in our day-to-day work. Nowadays top most social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn all have different strategies to help customer communicate, and require their own approaches to successful marketing.

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When you give your time in social media, you have to make sure that you are getting the best result from your efforts. That’s why it becomes crucial to use some kind of social media management tool. These tools will save your time by keeping all your social accounts access from one platform.

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Most of them offer awesome features to maximize your social media ROI including analytics, tools for monitoring brand mentions and keyword integrations with your CRM software. We have described a list of some popular and effective social media marketing tools right here.

Peerless social media marketing tools



It is a tool which is used to shorten any URL so that it fits nicely across every social media channel without eating up space and character counts. With the usage of API, you can also get customized shortened URL easily. It allows you to track analytics for one post using one source, instead of having to collate your click through from different portals.



Buffer is one of the most powerful social media tools available for scheduling and distributing your posts across all the different social media channels, including multi media extensions which help in optimizing images and videos for individual platforms. Anyone who is looking for automating scheduled publishing will benefit from the buffer. It also allows you to sync multiple social media accounts to share information across the network from a single dashboard.

Sprout social

Sprout social

Sprout social is a browser based social media marketing platform. The objective of this tool is to help organizations build a strong and meaningful relationship with their clients. It integrates with major social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn) and UserVoice, ZenDesk and Salesforce as well that allows you to manage interaction, customer support, and relationship from a single dashboard. In addition to, it also helps you to monitor, respond, measure and collaborate with your audience that ensures smarter and faster communication.


Tag board

It is a special social listening tool which is useful for those seeking deep insights into topic areas for research and development, innovations and much more. It enables you to enter keywords, topic areas or hashtags also to get a collated set of prioritized insights and important takeaways on how socially the topic is being discussed. It also offers a powerful tool for reputation management by keeping track of brand and product mentions.

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Buzz Sumo

It is generally a different kind of search engine which helps you to find the latest content and search terms in your niche. This is one of our favourites as it allows you to see what the best performing content is and also take inspiration from it. You can see the effective content which will help you to build the relationship with other clients.

Post planner

Post planner

It is an inbuilt app available on Facebook that provides content scheduling via an advanced dashboard. If you want to invest your time only on Facebook marketing then this can be a useful tool for you to do just that. You can observe viral posts on Facebook and get insights on the trending content in your industry. It means you don’t only track your content but your competitor too.

Social clout

Social clout

It is the best social media ROI Optimizer, which helps to ensure that whether you are targeting your post effectively. Analytics, sentiment come from social listening that incorporates comparative analysis of the competition. More importantly, you can see which demographic and touch points are engaging and renovating to improve your target to meet the market requirements.



With Oktopost, your primary focus is on actually generating leads and sales revenue for your business so that it can improve your ROI. It normally focuses on Business to business which has traditionally had a harder time making relations on social media. It allows you to schedule and post an article like other tool and analyse the effect of a post, collaborate with the industry, stays on top and increases your reach.

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Social oomph


Social oomph is an easy, free social media manager that allows you to bulk upload and have them randomly put across various platforms. It works well for who just starting a ‘dip a toe in the water’ before committing a paying for a professional tool. It provides the features like Hootsuite and follows those accounts which have promise as well as time-limited updates.


There are dozens of social media management tools out there to choose from. Some of them are more specialized than others to different social media strategies. You can easily spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month, depending on how big your project or business and your requirements. It’s worth it to start with a small budget with the marketing tool that can give you the best result without spending a fortune. Try out these tools and get more out of your social media campaign with better ROI and reduce your investment you put in the first choice.



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