Are you guys in the search of Best earphones under 1000?  There are tons and tons of earphones available in online. If you start searching for earphones, there will be a huge list of sites, I am sure it takes longer than you expect to get yourself one that matches your needs. So, we did a small workaround for you and gathered the best earphones under 1000 rupees which definitely are from best brands and best quality.

So Still what are you waiting for? Lets quickly get into the list!

Best Earphones under 1000 in India

House Of Marley Smile Jamaica EM-JE041

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These headphones cost about 900 rupees.The build quality is excellent the fabric court reduces tangles not entirely but up to some extentThe drivers are made of wood and aluminum. These are one of the best-looking earphones which we’ve come across. It’s also got an inbuilt microphone, from the few phone calls I took with it I found the quality to be decent. It may not offer the best fit but it comes with two pairs of ear budsThe noise isolation is good but the audio quality itself is the best the highs are decent and lows and mids are excellent. Definitely, a Good consider.

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Panasonic RP-TCM125 Ergo

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These earphones are priced around 800 rupeesThe is really good but the highs are poor though. Sometimes I could barely hear the vocals, and the sometimes audio track itself is muffled up. The build quality is good for earphones at this price point. These headsets offer ergonomic fit, they simply, decently and easily fits in your ears. It comes with 3 different sizes of ear buds for different sizes of ears in you. The call quality and audio output are excellent, over all at these price point, it is one of the best earphones at this price point.


JBL T-150A

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The build quality is top notch with good quality of plastics and rubberized material. The 3.5MM connector is Gold-Plated. The highs and lows are great, the noise isolation is super fine too. Vocals are clear, the output is sharp and voice output via calls is massive. I’ve heard that few start-up YouTubers are using this headphones mic as primary audio recorder. JBL, never compromises on quality, here they proved once again with these pain of earphones. Here they have used 8mm drivers to generate high-frequency level and extended sensitivity. Overall a good consideration if you planning to buy an all rounder.

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Sennheiser CX 213

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Firstly greatest build quality than all headsets available in the market. The thumbprint design and grayish color make it look sick! Vocals are great, and loudest sound output than others. The headphones come with 2 years of warranty. The only con would be only no inbuilt mic available. There is a high passive annotation of ambient noise with this pair of headsets. The cable is symmetrical with 2meters long cable. The impedance is more than required. With all these features together makes this one a must buy on our list.


Boat Bassheads 200

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The best thing about this headphones is its build and design. That is why it’s on this list. These earphones are completed made from a metal body which makes it sturdy and the especially black color looks mind blowing. Sound Quality is a bit disappointing. The volume range is high, which is great but increasing it results in noise.

The mids and lows are equally distributed. Bass is up to the mark. The cable is tangle free. Earbuds are soft and an ergonomic. Overall a good consider


So, this is the end of the post. I hope you’ve found the best earphone that is suitable for all your needs. We have baked this article with dedication and hard work for your benefit. We hope you find one for yourselves

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