How to choose a Good Soundbar or a Speaker

With this soundbar guideline, we intend to help you choose a good soundbar for your computer, as we know that it is not pleasant to hear the noise that sounds when we want to listen to music at a slightly higher volume.


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Most computers already come with the accessories, but generally, these have lower quality. There are still people who emphasize on saying that they see no difference in having better sound equipment on the PC. In fact, I believe these people are wrong, trying to see what they should hear. Because the change is “unequivocal.”

There is so much variety of speakers that the market price can vary, believe me. Of course, it would be absurd to make a value-sized acquisition. But it is necessary to show the price so that you, the user, know that the references mentioned below are purchases aimed at more demanding ears, at a price – compare – affordable.


The subwoofer is a type of speaker used to reproduce low frequencies (bass and sub bass), usually below 100Hz. The name is given because its reproduction is below the reproduction of woofers. As in this frequency range, the cone needs to move a lot of air, and they are big diameter speakers and high excursion cone (4 to 20mm amplitude).

They can be marketed as the speaker itself or in conjunction with speakers, as in the case of home theater subwoofers.


One of the best in cost/benefit Bomber A30A – a box of good quality and great value for money, playing a clean sound. It features 2x FullRage 3 “satellites and a 5¼” subwoofer. Its total power is 36 Watts RMS, divided into satellites 2×10 Watts RMS (10% THD), with frequency response at 180 ~ 20 kHz (-10dB), and subwoofer 16 Watts RMS (10% THD), with frequency response At 60 ~ 180 Hz (-10dB). It still has a good aesthetic finish. Most of the people they use recommend.

Great bass quality provided by the subCreative Inspire T3100 2.1 – features high-frequency speakers that ensure high fidelity and clarity of sounds. Its wooden subwoofer features adjustable bass control, delivering deep, deep bass in a crisp, clearer response. The audio system comes with an integrated amplifier that produces 6 Watts RMS per channel (2 channels) and 17 Watts RMS through the subwoofer, all with a frequency response between 40 Hz and 20 kHz. They include a headphone jack for added privacy.

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Clean sound compensates for low power Edifier R102 10W RMS – two satellites and a subwoofer, which response very well despite the small size. The satellites only distort the maximum volume limit, which can be controlled by a remote with only the on/off button and the volume adjustment. One feature of Edifier boxes is the absence of noise. Despite the low power (total of RMS 10 W, being subwoofer to RMS 6 W and each satellite to RMS 2 W), the sound is quite clear.

Top-of-the-line model for the E3100 gamers Edifier – latest generation in Digital Fashion. It’s Hi-Tech style metallic design was created especially for fans of games, which enjoy products that unite great design to an excellent sound. The E3100 allows all users of CD, DVD, MP3 players, Game consoles, Laptops, Television And VCRs to reach a new level of entertainment, proving a rich and deep bass, soft mid-range and a refreshing and detailed high pitched. The spec speaks at total 28W (12W for subwoofer and 8W for each satellite).

Great buy, as it surprises for the price Edifier X100 – it has an excellent subwoofer construction (in MDF, with an aluminium cone in the speaker) and offers a surprising performance for the declared power (10 watts). Good choice for gamers, with 2.75-inch speakers in tweeters (2.5 watts each), and 4 inches and 5watts in the subwoofer. Affordable price and quality guaranteed.

Low price and high power Extrem Ravel 2.1 16W RMS – with a good price for the quality offered, has MDF subwoofer optimized for gaming, remote control, and headphone output. Its total output power is 16W RMS (subwoofer at 8W RMS and two satellites at 4W RMS each). Audio Inputs PC, VCD, and CD Players. 100% magnetic.



Invariably, these boxes for about 20 reais have the tiny magnet, with speakers usually specific only for medium and treble sounds. When you try to raise the bass through any equalizer, the sound becomes distorted.

The RMS power of these boxes are deficient, plus the signal emitted by their speakers are fragile. But if you have them, the tip to take advantage of their low quality is to position them on the computer, because the higher they are, the better the sound will echo in the environment. For larger systems, as in 3.1 below, it is not advisable to leave the subwoofer on top of the PC.

Another fact is by you that seeks to optimize the sound quality of your PC is to opt directly for the best boxes, such as those quoted in the above guide. That’s because when you buy a reasonable canister, they begin to distort over time.

However, if you insist on saving (if a worse buy can be considered savings), opt for Ravel or Creative branded equipment. Already among the price range of good options, the company that deserves attention is Edifier, exhibiting exceptional models.

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The speakers are not everything to ensure that the sound quality of your PC is good or bad. Other factors will also influence this, as is the indispensable case of Sound Cards. Such equipment is very important to ensure its audio transmission.


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