On 12th Sept, at 10:00 Pacific time or 10:00 PM IST Apple made a couple of new announcements for an Absolutely new and exciting product Lineup of iPhone namely the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X(ten).


The Press note began with Tim cook on the stage with a spectacular announcement of the opening of State-of-the-art Steve Jobs Theater, while they would be refreshing retail stores along-with many projects to help the city.

The First product announced at the Press Note was the Apple watch which has seen phenomenal growth of around 50% as compared to previous year and now the Apple watch is the No. 1 Watch in the world also with 97% of customer satisfaction throughout the world.

The Improvements from the Previous version of Apple Watch are-

  • Smart Activity coaching and improvements for swimmers.
  • The Heart rate monitor will now give more information on the home-screen with more details and background Heart rate checks.
  • It will notify about elevated heart-rates.
  • More focus on Normal heart rate rhythm namely Apple Heart Study using data from apple watch and in association with Stanford Medicine.
  • Completely redesigned watch Face and UI with Cellular built-in.
  • Apple Music and Apple Music now works with AirPods and you can stream music on the wrist.
  • A new version of Siri with 70% New Dual core processor and now Siri can talk now on the watch.
  • New chip for Faster Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • New Electronic SIM integrated while the Apple Watch Size remains Same.
  • A new Ceramic Apple Watch with a Black Ceramic finish.

The Apple Watch 3 would be available from September 22 for $329 without Cellular and $399 With Cellular.

iPhone 8

2. Apple iPhone 8 and 8 plus

Technology infused with humanity can change lives and improve the world. All the leaks which were all over the Internet were False being a bezelless display and still, it has the Fingerprint sensor. The iPhone has Glass all over the back and front with the gorgeous finish made from Aerospace grade aluminium and 7-Layer process glass claiming to be most durable phone with Waterproofing along-with the retina display. A true tone display, Stereo speaker, High-performance processors, and Apple Designed GPU for accelerating 3D games.
A complete new Image Signal processor for better photography and All new 12Mp sensor with OIS, Wider dynamic range and better Noise reduction. Dual cameras have f1.6 and f1.8 aperture of the 2 Rear shooters, and a more optimised portrait mode.

An all new Video Encoder for faster video frame rates and better Slow motion recording at 240fps.

Talking of AR, The cameras are calibrated for AR, Low light and 60fps and Better graphics delivering better AR.

The phone now supports Bluetooth 5.0 and the Wireless charging would be available to the iPhone 8 and 8 plus due to the phone having a glass back namely Qi wireless charging method and further supporting the company by integrating companies to produce the Qi certified Wireless charging docks.
They would be available in 32, 128 and 256GB variants starting from $699 and iPhone 8 plus starting from $799.

Not only more but another smartphone, an innovation i.e a Bezeless smartphone namely iPhone X following the Bezelless phones but honestly the Camera placement looks ugly. The phone has Glass both on front and back. It has  a new display called Super Retina display with 458ppi being highest in any iPhone. It uses OLED technology in display which covers the deficiency of normal OLED display. The phone can be woken up with a touch on the screen.


The Most special feature about the unlocking the iPhone X is that Face recognition called the Face ID which can work day and even in night and most interesting part is it can’t be spoofed with a mask or a photo.


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