In a terribly short span of your time, Xiaomi has managed to become one in all the largest smartphone brands in the Asian country. The method it’s captured the Indian budget and middle section customers could be a study in business. From the Mi series to the Redmi phones, Xiaomi has managed to unveil many devices within the market in tiny gaps however managed to realize large sales. Xiaomi’s favourite section is that the smartphones underneath Rs 15,000, whereas it already had the massively well-liked Redmi Note 4 within the market, it’s currently proclaimed the Xiaomi Mi A1 mobile.

Xiaomi Mi A1

Xiaomi believes in flash sales, and therefore the Redmi Note 4 sells like hot cakes once it’s out there. The company’s vice chairman and Asian country head Manu Kumar Jain recently aforesaid that the phone poor all records within the initial and second quarter. it’s simply that the Redmi Note 4 offers one thing most phone still cannot, therein vary. this is often the rationale why a phone launched in Jan, still manages to sell quite new devices. This additionally suggests that Xiaomi is giving one thing additional, or maybe one thing completely different in its Mi A1 smartphone and it’s up to the users to choose that options they like during a mobile. the corporate recently partnered with Google for its humanoid One project to bring our the all new Xiaomi Mi A1.


Here could be a list of variations between Xiaomi Mi A1 and Redmi Note 4:

Xiaomi Mi A1 vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 ‘Software’: the most visible distinction between the phones is going to be the Pure stock Android, whereas the Redmi Note 4 used the company’s own skin referred to as MIUI, the Mi A1 can go along with a stock version of Android, referred to as Google’s Android One. Whereas the general public has admired the MIUI skins, there’s a crowd that like the pure humanoid expertise. each of them has their own qualities. However, Xiaomi sometimes prefers to stay constant updates for all its phones. this might have 2 issues, that your phone interfaces look all constant, and plenty of Android options get killed so as to take care of the balance. This allows a sleek and secure interface to figure on, you will be missing out of the many options. in addition, Android updates get delayed on Xiaomi smartphones.

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However, currently, with Android One, you get fast UI that is additionally quick in receiving updates. whereas the Mi A1 can go along with Android Nougat, users can get the Android Oreo as presently because it is extended and doubtless Google’s Android P afterwards. Meanwhile, the Redmi Note four might take it slow for that. once it involves the Redmi device, it still has the Android 7.0, whereas it arrived with Android N. However, the likelihood is high that there might not be AN Android Oreo update within the phone. Xiaomi has perpetually been clear regarding the actual fact that it won’t permit Android updates simply to extend their range. the corporate prefers to “make phones better”. therefore it’s clear that Android doesn’t outline the Redmi phone. However, it’s completely different with the Mi A1.

Xiaomi Mi A1 can cater to the consumers preferring to induce newer package versions as presently as potential. Having aforesaid that, the Redmi Note four is in no method inferior. although it should not be fast in change the OS, it keeps upgrading its MIUI interface and you see visible changes in your phones time and once more. The MIUI is therefore powerful that you simply barely notice even once there’s AN Android update. This differentiates the audience of each the phones.

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Xiaomi Mi A1 vs Xiaomi Redmi Note four Hardware:

once it involves the look and builds, each the smartphones feature nearly constant things. However, the Mi A1 encompasses an additional refined look, however Redmi Note 4 isn’t unhealthy in the least. Even at the launch event, Xiaomi went on comparison the Mi A1 with iPhone seven and OnePlus, and it doesn’t look abundant completely different than the premium devices which too at a lower price.

Both Redmi Note 4 and Mi A1 have constant processors within, however, the latter has only 1 storage variant, 4GB RAM and 64GB fixed storage. Meanwhile, the Redmi device comes in 3 models- 2GB RAM, 3GB RAM and 4GB RAM. In terms of battery, the Redmi Note four encompasses a larger battery at 4100mAh whereas Mi A1 has 3080mAh.
The biggest distinction is that the camera. whereas the Redmi Note 4 encompasses a 13MP rear camera with f/2.0 aperture, the Mi A1 encompasses a twin camera setup (12MP + 12MP). With the optical and digital zoom, the Mi A1 is clearly aimed toward the recently well-liked twin camera feature that came with the iPhone seven. The camera is going to be ready to produce DSLR like pictures and could be a massive upgrade for the straightforward Redmi Note 4’s camera. However, the Redmi device in itself encompasses a tight camera that will its job.

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Xiaomi Mi A1 is a perfect alternative right away because it offers clean pure humanoid. However, if you’re a Xiaomi fan, you’d still need to use the MIUI interface which makes the Redmi Note four an evident alternative. So, if you’re not laborious brained regarding employing a stock humanoid, the Redmi Note four continues to be giving solid specifications and options and at a lower price. In terms of hardware, with higher camera, style and build, Mi A1 could be a clear winner. However, the Redmi Note 4is a solid phone that offers a far larger battery at a lower price. So, if you’re not abundant inclined to the camera options, Redmi Note four won’t let down and Talking about the MIUI update, since the phone is having almost identical Specifications of Xiaomi’s recently released Mi 5x, the ROM can easily be flashed but there are rare chances that it may fail and in that case the Developers will have to port Roms for it. The chances of Mi A1 receiving a MIUI 9 update are very bright and the ROMS might be on the way.



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