Understanding Liferay Portal

Liferay Portal is one of the best ways to build a website these days. It makes for the perfect decision. It is very simple to use and ensures a dynamic platform for building your site on quickly and serve it to all clients.


Whether it is mobile, desktop, or anything that falls in between; Liferay ensures all of the standard applications required for running on your website. Additionally, it offers a user-friendly development framework for any customization or new applications requirement.

An open-source approach is used by people across the globe to develop Liferay Portal. Also, it has a very solid code base which has been proved trustworthy and stable in mission-critical implementation in diverse industries.

There are many ways Liferay consulting services do this. Start with installing Liferay Portal to manage your website. It will also help in getting content published.

Here’s how Liferay Portal handles the entire task:


The Benefits

– Liferay Portal serves as a platform for transforming your entire business. The DXP supports almost all departments, right from marketing to operations, customer service and much more. With Liferay platform, you can implement digital strategy fast.

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– Liferay has been designed in a fashion to be fast and flexible. Hence, modifications or changes in strategy can be implemented, verified and developed fast.

– It is easier to develop and manage modular business services for fast implementation of the digital strategy.

– You can create business processes with the help of flexible workflow tools.

– It is a tough platform and devised in a fashion to meet changing customer demand.


Extension and Customization of Liferay for your Own Needs

Apart from using it as a development platform for the advanced and latest applications, Liferay Portal is also devised in a fashion to be extended and modified. Being an open source project, the source code of Liferay is available. However, developers of Liferay Portal have designed the product in a fashion to facilitate building of whatever the user wants out of it.

The easiest way of customizing Liferay Portal parts is through Application Display templates. The templates facilitate you to change the appearance of built-in applications. For instance, if you wish to change the view of Documents and Media Library’s file manager consisting of large icons, it is possible to develop an Application Display template. This will help you display documents in a different view. Also if you aren’t happy with the Blogs application layout, simply alter it the way you wish it to appear.

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Liferay Portal has much more to offer. Developers can change the interface and behavior of Liferay with the help of modules, special software components. The best part is that the change can be done without any need to modify the source code of Liferay Portal. This ensures you all advantages of building a website from scratch, sans all the efforts associated with the process. In case, you wish to make a change to the screens of user registration, simply add support for a proprietary single sign-on mechanism written by you. Now add a feature to message boards application to create the much-needed customizations.

As a developer, you know how easy it is to customize something that almost does things precisely the way you wish to as compared to writing that specific feature from scratch. Liferay Portal makes it easier and enjoyable.



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