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The road to success is full of hard work, firm determination and courage to face the incoming problems. No matter what we read but the story of the successful lives has always fascinated us. A person emerging out from the heap of difficulties and struggles is like a brightening sun whose light enlightens the other roaming in the same path.

We all love to read the news and for the hardcore news reader, the newspaper is everything to them. But there are a lot of problems in reading it. Imagine the situation of that person who daily has to face the wrath of his boss even if he is a minute late to the work. The pressure is so much on his shoulder that sometimes he even forget to take the daily breakfast. Now if for one second we put aside the talk of the overpowering pressure of the work, these newspapers are also much far ahead of the race. Today, they have made a trend that in order to increase the rating of their newspaper, they sometimes publish the news without having fully researched on the topic and thus imprint fall information on the mind of the people.

Awesummly news app

Therefore, these problems push us aside from the newspapers and insist us to look for an alternative that can save both our time and energy. These are none other than apps that have made our life much simpler and faster. Here, I will be focussing on one such news app that has gained a lot of positive reviews in a very short period of time. A startup reaching the heights of success in this limited period of time is far more than appreciable and it will be an honor for me to discuss its story.

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You can download the news app.

You can read news from Awesummly website also.



Behind the initiation of any successful project, there stands an incident that strikes the mind of the successful ones. A power supply in Gurgaon paved the way for the development of this tremendous app. When the whole society was sitting and laughing over the funny conversations, Nitin Mishra was thinking about the daily problems of the people. How people have to jump into the metro to reach their office on time? How they reach the office without updating themselves with the daily happenings of the world? All these things strike the idea of developing an app that can sort out all the daily problems of the people. He told his idea of developing a news app to Deepak and then both of them packed themselves to tackle the problems on their path. However, the way becomes smoother when they meet Ankit and together these three musketeers accelerated towards their goal.



– Recently received a funding of $146k from Vivek Bhargava and Ameera Shah manager of the metropolis.

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– The Writings in this app are 60 words both in English and Hindi.
– It has some of the interesting features such as offline reading, night mode reading and the sharing of the interesting and the fascinating contents with your friends and relatives.
– Instant updates come in the app in real-time.
– Awesummly is far better than another news app as it brings the content from all around the globe and it is ad-free.
– Now you can also listen to the important and the breaking news in less than a minute.




– It generates 15000 news daily.
– It has a daily visit of 26000 unique users.
– The page view is more than 52000 which itself speak of its popularity and necessity.
What’s the most interesting fact of this app is that you can also directly read the contents of its website.

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