Those who are not familiar with what Billboard is, it is an American entertainment magazine publishing various kinds of news. But it is majorly famous for its music charts. For every music single and album that is released, it gives you the song’s previous and current rankings in the top “Hot 100”. This Hot 100 list is weekly published by the Billboard magazine.

 BOTY Music is just the Indian version of the same. There are multiple websites in India which gives you online music streaming. They also give you which song is trending the charts. But no website so far used to tell that the song was at what position previously and what has been it’s best ranking so far. BOTY Music was created keeping the same agenda in mind.


What is BOTY Music all about?

BOTY Music is the initiative of . And it has recently entered the market for online music streaming. Here on BOTY Music, you can find the top trending song, whose rankings have been decided based on data collected from multiple sources. Not only that, you can also check the song’s previous ranking and its best ranking till date. These rankings are updated on regular basis, as and when new singles or albums are released. In another sense, it is completely the Indian version of Billboard’s Hot 100 list.


Not only the rankings of top 100, you can also view some selective music lists. You can listen to the songs collection of your favorite singer or Music Director. And to top it, you can also check some special music lists that are created for certain actors like Katrina Kaif or Sunny Leone.
The Most Popular list on BOTY Music is that of top Hindi songs in the Market Right now determined by the popularity of music on Radio Stations, YouTube and Music Streaming sites.

All these variations are not being provided by any other music website in India. And with these advancements, BOTY Music has reached one step closer to its audience. Within a very short span of time, it has garnered immense popularity for its latest releases and special music lists.


BOTY Music Pros and Cons

Like any other thing in this universe, even this website has its share of pros and cons. Talking about the plus points, as we described earlier, it gives you the past and present rankings of any song. Special songs lists have been loved by the audience to the core. Not just the Hindi songs, this website also provides you with the latest Punjabi and Bhojpuri songs. Unlike other music websites, no advertisements are shown in between the songs. To give the rankings, this website checks data from multiple sources and then arrive at its decision.

But there are some drawbacks too to this Music site. Like many other music streaming websites have their own app, BOTY Music lags on that aspect. No mobile app exists for this website yet. You can only listen to the songs while connected to the Internet. No facility for downloading the song has been laid. Also, you cannot create your own personal songs list.

Even after these few drawbacks, people love the concept of BOTY Music. The main idea behind its creation was to make people aware how their favorite songs move on the top trending list. And that thought has been served. And since the website is at its nascent stage, we can expect many more features coming up on BOTY Music very soon.

There are Many similar sites like BOTY Music like Saavn, and more but none of them rank music on the basis of sales or popularity on other platforms.

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