Changes in Technology in 2017

Technology has changed the way how people are living these days. If you look 30 years back then you will not find any internet and website, but today internet is the very common thing. Every day thousands of websites or blogs are being launched worldwide.

In recent years technology has evolved and we are finding new technologies in the market every year. Innovators are investing a lot in research and development to find more opportunities to refine technologies in order to make the life easier. Today I am going to talk about the recent tech innovation that has changed or improved the lives of humans worldwide.


1) Entertainment is online:

With the use of smartphones and internet, people are now entertaining themselves even when they are at work or travelling. You need not go to a cinema to watch movie or park to attend a function; you can do everything online with the help of internet.

The world is filling with entertaining websites such as Youtube, Social media networks, betting sites, Sports websites, News websites and informational blogs etch. You can watch live news, live events, play games.

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2) Selfie stick and 360-degree selfie:

A couple of years back most the world population was not aware of “Selfie”. But now even a 5-year-old kid knows what a selfie is and how to click that.

People are using smartphones to click selfies. Selfie sticks have made the job easier to click group selfies.

Now 360-degree selfie is possible with the help of 360-degree cameras


3) Self Driving cars:

Do you think that self-driving cars is a future thing, and then you are not aware of what is going on in the technology world?

Since 2014 Google is testing self-driving cars and launched many cars to find the best results in real life driving situations. We can expect that within few years car companies will also stat the production of self-driving cars.


4) 3d printed chain mail:

NASA is always looking to make the astronauts’ life more secure. Keeping that in mind NASA has researched the 3D printed chain mail. This is to protect astronauts and ships.

We can hope that this will be in commercial production soon.


5) Virtual reality:

Virtual reality is now the necessary part of many businesses. Now not only commercial businesses like videos games or healthcare but virtual reality is also being used in military training, marketing, and engineering.

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6) Artificial Intelligence:

Businesses like Google, banking sector and casinos are using artificial intelligence to track human behavior. It is not only helping them to understand how to grow and find the best results but also help them to make their own system secure.


7) e-Payment:

The Internet has given birth to e-payment. Now you can make payment online without going to any shop. You can pay your bills even when you are thousands of kilometers away from the counter. This all is happening because we are using e-payment methods such as PayPal etc.

These are the 7 tech innovations that have changed the way of human life in recent years. Technology is still evolving and we can see new innovations in coming years.

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