Technology Mega Trends That Will Change The World In 2018

It’s the 21st century and it is the age of tech. Every single year, we are offered something new and something amazing that surely does manage to blow our minds and this coming year would be no different than the rest. Some trends tend to just fade away with the passage of time while others remain in front of us like a big eye candy that can’t just be ignored.

There was a time when virtual reality was just a stuff of sci-fi movies and books and the thought of 3D printing was something that one could never fathom but its all a reality today. More and more of such tech trends are increasingly becoming part of our lives without us even knowing it. How about this time, rather being uninformed, we stay better informed? Below we have tried compiling a list of the top technology megatrends that could very well change the world in 2018:

  1. Artificial Intelligence:

    Well, AI has always been viewed in a mixed light and remains a topic of controversy even in the Science circle so to speak but is it good or bad for us? The reality is, computers are now far more capable of doing just simple plus and minus calculations for us. AI has really boomed and crossed a different threshold than what was ever imagined for it. Today a simple thing as a camera comes with a smart capability of operating on its own for a prescribed amount of time to do a prescribed job. We now have smart home appliances like self-directing vacuums that can clean your home before you even say “Go”. Our homes are now being controlled by smart gadgets like Amazon Echo and Alexa who not only interacts with us but also does certain things like changing the color of your home lights to playing music and even ordering you an Uber. There are already talks of AI being used by the military who are studying the use of drone swarms to attack, defend and infiltrate plausible military targets. AI with that potential and magnitude is certainly something to keep your eyes peeled out for. This is only bound to grow this coming year and in a big way.

  2. Automation:

    Well, in the near future, we can completely cease the use of humans in capital-intensive industries. The more intelligent machines will become, more processes, systems, and functions will become automated and be carried out by robots and complex algorithms set by us. If estimates are to be believed, 47% of all jobs within the US are susceptible to the automation process in the coming years and the industries that will be affected due to this would be staggering. The list ranges from accountants, bricklayers, truck drivers to even doctors. Critics in favor of automation say that this could actually spell good and has been compared with the first advent of computers which was criticised at first but went on to change the face of the world. If you are looking for automated floor or garden products online then be sure to visit Gtech for the best discount codes.

  3. 3D Printing:

    What was considered as science fiction some years ago is now a reality. This invention is bound to bring a positive change in the manufacturing industry in a big way. The use of traditional cutting methods will no longer be a part of the industry and additive manufacturing or 3D printing will take over wherein an object is created by adding layers of material without the need to mold or use cutting tools of any kind. This tech will allow for better customization of products wherein complex shapes could be easily created without the need to consider additional costs.

  4. Blockchains:

    Blockchain technology could very well solve the problem of storing, authenticating and protecting large caches of data which would be virtually impenetrable. In a more layman term, blockchain can be termed as distributed, peer to peer ledger of records. This means that the data doesn’t belong to any one group or individual and the records, nor is the data kept in any single location. This feature makes the records completely public and is nowhere prone to any kind of hacks or frauds of any kind. While nothing ever is totally hack proof but blockchain technology is bound to be a huge step in comparison to the current data security technology being used currently. Healthcare, finance and insurance are some of the sectors which are bound to make use of blockchains in the coming year and near future. Many American and European banks are already on exploring blockchain solutions for their respective firms and businesses.

  5. Growth In Online Security- Nearly everything nowadays is available online; therefore the number of online users is almost triple from last five years. People are also like to Pay for there desire product from Desktop, Laptop, mobile, and tablet. Due to increase in the ratio of online transaction, the risk of cyber attacks has also emerged simultaneously. Usually, product purchase, subscription, fees, deposits, and payments are the primary reason for the online transaction. Some hackers steal customer private and confidential information such a credit card & CVV number, email address & password through malicious techniques like eavesdropping and MITM (Man-In-The-Middle) attacks. Therefore many government agencies created strict rules for the website those are accepting payments online and installing SSL certificate on their server is one of them. An SSL Certificate works as a secure bridge between user browser and the server. The primary benefits of SSL Certificate are 256-Bit encryption, 2048-Bit key length, unlimited server license and 99% browser compatibility. Some popular SSL Certificate providers are Cheap SSL Shop, Trustico & DigiCert.

So, there we have a comprehensive breakdown of the top technology megatrends for the upcoming year. Be sure to keep an eye on them all.

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