10 best camera accessories every DSLR user must have

Now-a-days capturing every moment of life we enjoy has gained much importance whether it be parties or any marriage functions and ceremonies or during holidays, just name the scenario whatever its purpose is at the end taking photos have become mandatory. The more the photo looks clear and bright with stunning resolution the more the product is desired by the customers. That’s why no matter how many types of camera devices (even smartphones are coming with best cameras based on their price segment) are available in market DSLR has its own reputation and is mostly preferred because of the picture quality, high resolution, more pixel density and many more. So, here are the 10 best camera accessories every DSLR user must have.

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While buying a new DSLR, it is necessary to buy a camera bag to protect the camera from dust accumulation, direct sun light and other external conditions. Though many varieties of camera bags are available in market buying the right camera bag which accommodates your DSLR, couple of lenses and other accessories as required with some space left because as the user starts using the device frequently, after some time we may end up with new accessories such as an extra battery or filters or memory cards, so before purchasing camera bag all these aspects are to be considered.

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Always keeping an extra battery with DSLR especially going before long photoshoot sessions or before trecking won’t be disturbing the flow of session as we need not be worrying regarding the battery charge. Moreover when shooting in low light or cold conditions, batteries tend to discharge quickly than in low conditions. So, keeping an extra battery with full charge would be more useful.



DSLR usually comes with an LCD protective covering from the manufacturer. However, the protection won’t be lasting long protecting the screen from dust and smoke particles especially at the edges as the particles accumulate more with more usage and end up damaging the screen. So, having other LCD protector will ensure protection of screen and the gaps near it’s edges for prolonged time from extraneous conditions and tiny dust particles.


4.NECK STRAP (with extra pair)

Neck strap belt is used for holding DSLR around the neck without the need of holding in hands when not needed. Usually with every DSLR a neck strap belt will be provided by the manufacturer. Therefore, it is necessary that the belt goes well with skin and neck surroundings of the user. However, it is not obvious that the strap provided would be going well with all types of users. Some of them may find it uncomfortable or vexing, so having another pair of neck straps which we feel comfortable while wearing makes it less vexing and we can be more concentrated on surrounding especially when looking to capture any rare phenomenon in nature.

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Buying a sturdy tripod has its own advantages. First of all, during long photo sessions or situations where steady photographs are needed, tripod can be used to get steady photos with less noise and blur. Moreover, with the help of a remote for shutter release, images can be captured whenever wanted at any time without holding the camera itself.


No matter how much care is taken for DSLR protection, cleaning every part of it is necessary regularly. Therefore, maintaining a cleaning kit for DSLR and its lens would be obvious. There are variety of camera cleaning kits available in the market out of which the most useful one for the DSLR can be picked. For the lens especially, it would be desired if the kit includes a rocket blower which is acts as a powerful tool while cleaning the lenses by blowing off the accumulated dust and tiny particles.



If there is desire for high resolution photos with minimum possible disturbance and to take photographs of an object or any animal from a long distance without any blur even when zoomed filters would be the best choice such as Ultra Violet(UV) filter, Polarizing filter, etc. These filters tend to remove all the noise and other disturbances while capturing, resulting in a bright and clear image with the upmost possible resolution.



White balance cards as the name suggests are very useful for perfect white balancing. These cards generally work with any type of camera and are available for low cost. These cards are also available in various types with color calibration and water proofing which means that they can last long with less damage and giving perfectly balanced pictures.

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Eye-Fi cards automatically uploads photos from DSLR to laptop or personal computer wirelessly when PC is connected to it either cordless or by means of cord. One of the big advantage of these cards is that whenever a PC or LAPTOP is nearby it automatically to the computer and transfers the new files which were taken before the last transfer without altering the picture content in DSLR memory card.




Though DSLR is equipped with the best resolution and pixels, it would be necessary to buy additional zoom lens especially in case of landscape and wildlife photography where the images taken with normal lens may be blurred and lacking in detail when magnified. In these cases, having TELEPHOTO lens would be perfect as these are well-suited for action photography and shooting tightly cropped portraits. Moreover, these are affordable and more compact. In cases where wide angle photos are needed to be taken, ULTRA-WIDE-ANGLE LENS provide view almost twice as wide of normal lens, but care must be taken as these lens are compatible only for some cameras. Nowadays, these types of lens are also coming with ANTI-SHAKE system for vibration control.

Apart from these 10 there are also a variety number of other accessories which can be used to improve the camera experience. However, for a new DSLR user the above 10 accessories would be great way to start up and get going.

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