Google Pixel is going to receive the third and best member of the series; yes we are referring to the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Both of the Android smartphones are scheduled for October 2018. So, far we just know that they will be very first Google’s smartphone to feature infinity display and dual-camera.

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The present generation Google Pixel 2 has got enough praise for its camera, despite the fact that it doesn’t have dual-cameras yet. Talking about the design configuration, it is pretty standard. To be specific, on the right side we see standard buttons for turning on and adjusting the volume. At the bottom, there is a USB C connector and a talking microphone hole. Left tray for SIM card in nano format. The upper edge is practically empty – here only an additional microphone. The rear panel is very nice: the matte back with the glass insert looks recognizable, the fingerprint scanner is conveniently isolated and easily groped blindly, the camera’s eye is only one, next to a dual flash. But the front panel looks like it came straight from 2015: wide side frames, large upper and lower. To some extent, stereo speakers aimed at the user justify them. Clearly, The revolutionary design is missing in the Pixel 2 phone.

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In the present Pixel 2, the fingerprint scanner works fast and problem-free, but no problems were expected. In the next Pixel 3, we expect Google should come up with technology like face ID. Face ID is not the only verdict but attracting people too. And, iPhone X is clearly an example of success, if you put innovation, then people will definitely appreciate. We wish, Google Pixel 3 shouldn’t suffer what Pixel 2 has witnessed.

The sound configuration is one of the major things after camera and display that impresses the user. In the 2nd pixel device, the sound comes from a pair of stereo speakers located on the front panel. At the same time, we cannot say that the sound turns out to be something special: it is at the level of the usual smartphone quality, not rattling and moderately detailed. Watching the video or playing games offer a nice experience, but for comfortable listening to music is still not enough. Why in general it was necessary to go to such a step, when the other manufacturers have already learned how to make a stereo pair with a spoken speaker – in general, it is unclear. The headphones sound is good, rich and bass. So, Pixel so far doesn’t offer much for audiophiles, and may be next Google Pixel 3 will?

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The Pixel smartphones are known for the raw Android that people wants to discover, and yes Google does this job perfectly in the present Pixel smartphone.  The operating system is the freshest. At the moment this is Android Oreo. With support (it is 3 years) and the speed of the update, there are no problems; it’s Pixel.

There are almost no external changes in comparison to past Pixel device; the launcher envisages the use of attractive live wallpapers. The smartphone Pixel 2 also has an interesting detail – touch sensitive frames with which you can launch Google Assistant. Honestly speaking, Pixel 2 smartphone gives the feeling of using the past Pixel smartphone. If Google doesn’t change this experience, we bet only a few people who own a Pixel smartphone will upgrade to next Pixel 3 smartphone.

In Pixel 2, Google has followed the high-end path, however, where is the innovation? Well, wait for the Google Pixel 3 because per the rumors the next smartphone will feature Infinity Display, one such display is part of Samsung. We are not saying, Samsung will manufacture next Pixel, but maximum chances are in favor of HTC, as Google owns a good stake in the HTC production company.

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