The best Xbox One games every gamer should own

If you are expecting something interesting in order to enjoy playing that maybe an Xbox One. The present gaming world is completely busy with the latest innovations of Xbox One that has attracted every game lover. And the wait for Xbox One S is almost over as it is available which became an outstanding platform to enjoy games. Fortunately, you can enjoy lots of games that are available on the console so here you will know about the best Xbox One games that you should definitely own. Also, If you need to get some Xbox Live Codes updates, Check out the hyperlink.


Grand Theft Auto V

Of course, it took some time for GTA V to set on the present generation consoles yet there are no complaint regarding it. Because it has been announced in its own way providing original version. The gameplay is outstanding with the first person mode that really created lots of interest among the players. Even if you have experienced this game you would like to always enjoy it as though it is your first-time experience. In addition to that graphics have always been the biggest assets.

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Undoubtedly this is the first exclusive game that has been released by the Xbox One and is still the most popular game. Among all the competitive games Titanfall is said to occupy a special position no matter even if it has been released in 2014. This is a game with the storyline that is easily reflected in the form of War gameplay. The player can really get impressed with the game by using different guns and methodologies.


Halo: The Master Chief Collection

A very big thanks to the Halo: The Master Chief Collection Microsoft as it is a complete package that has been released at the end of the year 2015. It is appropriate for the present generation to come soon as it involves the ultimate Halo games in it. So far we have experienced Halo 5: Guardians as if the previous versions are capable to set the players on fire. Which is the latest version of the game it has been updated which made it worthy to own. Also, do check out the latest video game news on this site.


Game of Thrones

Of course, this is an excellent adventurous game of all times and is well known for its series of collections. It has been popular with the title Walking Dead comic books and now it is available as Game of Thrones to entertain all the players. And the wait is over as the last episode in this series is available making it feel more excited about each and every level.



The rise of the Tomb Raider

Perhaps this is the second edition for the rebooted Lara Croft which proved that it is ultimate in its collection. Even though it is limited to the single player still it has become the most wanted game for every player. As soon as you start playing the game you would definitely enjoy it and undoubtedly you will never leave it. Because the developers of the game ensured that it is fully on set creating lots of interest and enthusiasm.

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