Gone the days when kids loved to play with toys. The new generation is technology lovers. Their love for gadgets is more than toys. However, it’s good for their metal development. Kids are careless creatures, if parent’s don’t care for them then chances are that often they will fell ill. Parents are always conscious about their kid’s health though sometimes they fail. With the help of Fitness tracker, you can track kid’s daily activities, and maintain their health.

Out there are many fitness band and picking up many of them is not an easy choice, so today we bring this buying guide for you. It will help you to choose the fitness tracker for kids, so without any delay let’s take a look at the buying guide:


Why kids need Fitness tracker?

Fitness Band are not only for adults even childrens need them. Some kids are lazy and it is important for them to take get balanced diet. In case of increasing weight, they lose self esteem and even get bullied by fellow classmates in school for being fat. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it’s rare to see students as physically active. Only 3 out of 10 childrens take part in physical activities for at least 60 minutes a day. Thus, fitness tracker is a great solution for kids to keep them moving. The main goal of using a fitness band is inspiration to set health goals and give rewards to children when achieving them.

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How to choose right Fitness Band for your Kid?

Market is flooded with wide range of Fitness band then how can you choose the right one? It’s a difficult to choose specially when you are doing it for your child. However, the best fitness bands serves as telling time, GPS tracking system, and educational devices. You have to consider certain things in mind like what kind of activities your kid will do.

  • If your child like swimming then band must be water resistant. So it depends on the child intention,having understanding of your child choices of activities can better help you in buying the right Fitness Band.
  • Being forgetful and careless, there might be a chance that the kid will either forget to charge the band or lose the charger. It is necessary to buy a fitness band with long battery life.
  • Surprise your child with a band that can be personalized such as entering your child name on the display, changing font colors, graphics etc. It will make them happy. Moreover, choose the child’s favourite colored band.
  • A fitness band with GPS system pre-installed in the band will help you in locating your child. It ensures safety of your child.
  • Last and the most important, compare the prices. Some watches are mid-range with less price and provides you the function of high range bands.


Best Fitness Band for Kids

Most of the Fitness band do one thing that’s tracking Fitness. But, there are some displaying the time too. In addition, you will also find Fitness bands that pair with your phone to read notification.

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Garmin Vivofit Jr 2

Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 is a perfect Fitness tracker fir your kid. The 2nd generation Garmin Vivofit is upgraded with two important features. Instead of black and white screen, the band is equipped with always-on color screen. After reaching 60 minute of activity goals, the fun facts and a mobile adventure trail are unlocked. Kids can earn virtual coins for the every task assigned by you which can be used by them for redemption in app rewards. It is available in different colourful themes including Star Wars, Stretchy Avengers, Marvel and Minnie Mouse.


FitBit Ace

FitBit ace is particularly designed for the kids older than 8 years. It is showerproof and able to tracks steps, active minutes, sleep and provides motivation to be active. It comes in two vigorous colors. The battery of this device lasts for up to 5 days. It is packed with OLED display, so your kid can see the his progress. Kids get reward for moving with celebratory messages and fun, collectible badges. It is created for a delicate wrist measuring between between 125mm and 161mm.


Adidas Zone

Adidas do less by only monitoring the heart rate. The focus is on keeping the child moving. The band will show his heart rate on the digital display, and a color will represent the level of activity being recorded. This recorded data is sent to IHT Spirit System which is then tapped by teachers for checking student activity. It is basically made to use in physical education classes.

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KitFit is one of the best Fitness Band available at an affordable cost. It tracks sleep and consist of swappable wristband made of silicone. It comes in 4 various colours including blue, pink, black and yellow. It’s battery last for up to 7 days. The tracker is sported with LED indicator that flashes in orange light when set to sleep mode. Parents can set targets using the iOS or Android app connecting via Bluetooth. Also, it delivers feedback on child’s progress.


LeapFrog LeapBand

For the kids between ages if 4-7, this band would be a great choice for them. It converts physical activity and healthy eating habits into enjoyable games. Kids get virtual reward for achieving the goal. It measures child activity whole day but get sadly doesn’t count steps, sleep, distance etc. Your children get fun challenge to overcome like walking, running, jumping and dancing. For a child’s health, this device is the right product for them.



We had listed everything which is essential in choosing the right Fitness Band for your kid. I hope you had find this article helpful.



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