Today I will review one of the best electric power washers and that is Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure Washer. As we all know that Sun Joe is among the most trusted brands for best electric power washers. Sun Joe is specialized in developing modern outdoor tools which keep our homes look beautiful. This company only produces not only the high-quality outdoor tools but also that are affordable. Sun Joe make it easy to get furnish with the right tools to challenge everyday household chores. So the products that Sun Joe company produces are just amazing.

And that is why I am gonna review one of its best pressure washer 2018 editions and that is Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure Washer. So we will have a look at its features to know about the product and the qualities that make the product attractive. So scroll down the page to have a look at its features.

Attractive Features Of Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure Washer

Design: The first thing we consider before buying any product is its looks. The product should be cool enough in terms of looks and design. As our devices show our choice so we must buy a product that is good in looks. You might be thinking that you are buying an electric pressure washer that should be good in terms of cleaning. But I think looks also mater equally. And Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure Washer has impressive designing.

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Its black and yellow color combination makes it even more stylish and attractive which gives it a royal look. So if we talk about looks then Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure Washer is would be perfect.

Spray Tips: Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure Washer comes with 5 quick connect spray tips and they are o degree, 15 degrees, 25 degrees, 40 degrees and soap. So you can use any of the tips whichever you feel like as per the dirt. Because of these different tips available, this best power washer will make your task of cleaning even easier. You can clean any type of dirt with Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure Washer.

Powerful Motor: Any electric pressure washer is considered best when it produces the heavy water pressure. And Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure Washer is best in terms of the motor also. This best power washer has a powerful 14.5 amp /1800 -Watt motor which generates up to 2030 PSI / 1.76 GPM for maximum cleaning power. So after buying Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure Washer your cleaning task will become easy to do with more comforts and fewer efforts.

20 Feet Pressure Hose: Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure Washer includes a 20 feet onboard hose reel for easy cleanup and storage. This machine has a 35-foot long power cord and a 20-foot long high-pressure hose. It has a GFCI plug for comfortable use in the wet ground. You can easily wash the windows and the top of your vehicle.

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Total Stop System: Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure Washer supports a Total Stop System. This means the power washer will automatically shut off when you do not engage the trigger. This will have two benefits. The first one is that it will save the energy and second is that it will prolong pump’s life.

Warranty Period: The Sun Joe company gives a 2-year warranty on this product. This means the company will offer you the free service for two years after buying this best power washer. If you will face any problem regarding the product then you just have to contact them and they will provide you the free service. Tough you are not going to face any problems but if you do then either your product will be exchanged or it will get repaired.



  • 5 quick connect spray tips
  • 20 feet high-pressure hose
  • Supports Total Support System
  • 40.6 Fluid  Ounce detergent tank


  • It cannot hold a longer hose than 20 feet


Final Words About Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure Washer

Hope you have found this article useful for you. I think you also agree that Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure Washer is just amazing. All the features are so impressive. It is so easy to set up and use. All the users are happy and also satisfied with the product. The service which Sun Joe company provides is also good. So overall the product is good.

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