What is grammar?

Grammar is nothing but the framework or the base on which the whole language or dialect of “English” is based upon. In other words the entire composition of a dialect or of other languages in common, most frequently considered as comprising of pattern or arrangement and architecture (including accent) and occasionally also dictation and explanation. In language,grammar from the Greek it means the immovable components of skeletal protocols administrating the design of specification, terminology & words in any disposed legitimate dialect. The word means also the analysation of such protocols, and this field holds accent, format and pattern, regularly termed by dictation, connotation and symbolism.

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism means the unjust allowance and piracy and advertisement of someone else’s written “language, ideas and explanation and depiction of them as their own titled hard work.Lately, incidents of intense piracy or plagiarism has been classified in academic communities.

The Best Grammar Checker Tool

Yes, lets accept it we all are not perfect we do make mistakes not only in life but even when we write we do make mistakes, and in a language like english making mistakes is like committing a serious crime it’s funny isn’t it? So a blogger or a content writer always is on a hunt for a grammar and spell checker. Making mistakes while writing for a blog or content topic is quite natural and its ok to be wrong sometimes but “grammatical mistakes on a post, content or blog is an embarrassment. Majority of the newcomers who are new to the world of content publishing or blog writing/ blogging tend to make such mistakes. Sometimes even the experienced writers make such mistakes but what do they do when they come across such situations? Do they manually go all over the written material? That is really tiring and quite difficult so they use the tool grammarly to overcome such lapses.

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This tool works as an assistant to get over such mistakes. And also it is considered that this tool as the most accurate grammar checker tool. On internet yes, there are hundreds of other grammar checker and rectifier tools which also include some very mighty proofreading tools or mechanisms but the Grammarly is considered as the best grammar rectification tool in today’s date as well as it is an all under one roof checker tool which is loaded with numerous other tools and Grammarly Discount make it even more sweeter and convenient to use tool.

Features of Grammarly

  • Avert from repeating grammatical errors
  • Grammarly inspects the spelling mistakes
  • Considered as the best of the class tool for proofreading tool
  • The grammarly provides the users of an option of synonyms (words that carry same meaning) while proofreading
  • Avails the users to come to know if the sentence is in an active or a passive voice, which could help to prevent the entire content from turning into either passive or active direction
  • Not only that it is an all under one roof solution as well as the perfect mechanism to cater to the needs which is backed by Grammarly Discount of any individual who is into some sort of writing which can either be content publishing or blog writing/blogging.
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Why is it worth a shot?

The grammarly is a completely free and full version website which allows the users to unleash the full potential. It allows the its users to use the features of a pro version and that too a minimal cost. Those are the features which will even allow the users to do more with it. The price of going premium is actually pocket friendly and wont even make a difference on your wallet. It is really a suitable solution for majority of the entrepreneurs and blog writers who consider Grammarly to get their job done as well as the most effective tool to write grammatically accurate content for the bloggers which could help them jump up to a comparatively a higher rank or position on Google SERPs

When an individual had eventually signed up for using Grammarly, they are availed with using the premium features for the next 7 days which enables the users to get an overview of what it feels like to use something which is loaded or touched with a premium finish.


Grammarly is simply the best grammar tool which could simply ease the job of the people who are into some sort of writing or creative jobs which is supported by writing in its nature once when used by users they will come to know what it is as well as the true potential could be unleashed and why it should be taken into consideration.

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