Nowadays we live in the world of technology and the internet. Using a smart device, such as smartphones, computers is a necessity that no one can make without. The internet has taken an important role in the way we live and work. Basically, every kind of information goes through the web and is searchable and accessible by everyone. The internet has changed also the way people do business this day. It plays an important role in generating leads for your local business or selling your product in every corner of the globe.

Smartphones have gained much popularity in the recent years. They are the most used devices by people to access the internet hence a responsive design for your website is a must. Since there are a lot of devices, such as computers, tablets and smartphones. The comes with different sizes so the responsive design for your business website is a must otherwise you will lose a lot of clients and leave most of the money in the table. No matter if you are an online business or a local business, the responsive design is something you should focus on. Great examples of responsive website tips for local businesses can be found here.

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What is responsive design on a website?

Responsive web design is an approach to the web which gives you an optimal viewing experience, easy reading and navigation with a minimum resizing and scrolling across a wide range of devices. The design and development respond well to the user’s environment depending on the screen size, platform and orientation. It makes your page looking good either you are on a flat screen of a desktop, on your iPad or any other device. It uses HTML, CSS styling, flexible images and fluid grids.

Take a look here at what is important for a responsive website.

1- Paying attention to your navigation

Responsive web design had a huge impact on site navigation. Designing for smaller screens means you have to work with limitations. Making your navigation simpler you give people a short way to go where they need to. It’s really important that the architecture of your site navigation offers a simple path without distractions eliminating sidebars and making sure that your pages gives people the information they’re searching for and making them digging dipper.


2- Buttons, size and shape.

Buttons are important just as their size, shape and color. As there are a lot of people with different disabilities your buttons must be clear to identify. Getting too creative with the forms of buttons can confuse people so it’s better to stick with the forms they’re all familiar with. About the size, it makes a huge difference for people if you give a height of 36 dp and touchable targets a 48 dp. Make sure that they have a considerable space to avoid mis-clicking.

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3- Typography

Typography is an important part of the responsive web design. Tiny types are really difficult to read. You have to make sure to scale the font size, line-height and the width to differ screen sizes. To improve the readability you can use a range of 16 px for body copy, adjusting up and down depending on the design. Its recommendable to look carefully at the line height and the spacing of your text. Going through the process of design it’s better if you take a look of your line text in different devices to see if your design methods will not affect the presentation of the text and other contents of the page.


4- Planing your content organization

Designing a website needs an organized idea of how the content is going to be showed in the page. It’s really important to be creative on how your content is going to be organized because your content is what your are going to tell to the audience. Make sure you design around the content and let your ideas flow because it’s not just about copying and pasting. A linear path will keep people engaged in your website and give better conversion rates.

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5- Use only the needed words

Desktops allow the use of more words. When it comes to smaller screens you have to work in its confines, which means that your limits of words have to show the exact message you want to transmit. Your economical writing, the use of words you chose, will help your story move forward.



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